ALMANAC – Thursday

On Thursday we view the larger picture. We are over the hump and the end of the work week is in sight. It is time to take stock of all that has been accomplished and attend to the finishing details. Jupiter wants things done right, especially concerning the final points of promotion and presentation. If anything submitted for our approval seems substandard, damaged or inequitable, we should consult the advice of the appropriate professionals. Our major problem on Thursday is that may promise more than we can deliver because the grandiose has a compelling appeal. Still, it’s a wonderful day to survey our kingdoms and look after the needs of those who are not as fortunate as ourselves.

The Two-Minute Task on Thursday affirms that this a caring and abundant world. Take stock of everything good in your life. Make a list of everyone who has ever helped you. Consider one of your personal faults and ponder upon how it could be improved. Think of ways that you can give someone a hand today. Find one positive feature about anyone who is misunderstood or disliked. Visualize a place you would like to visit. Put the loose change from your pocket into a jar earmarked for an impossible dream. Write a check to a worth cause or charity.

The Dayology Hours – Every Thursday is divided into seven segments allowing each of the Day Rays to recognize Jupiter as ruler of the day, while offering their own qualities to the mix.

12 A.M. to 3:25 A.M. – Saturn Hour
3:25 A.M. to 6:51 A.M. – Jupiter Hour
6:51 to 10:17 A.M. – Mars Hour
10:17 to 1:42 P.M. – Sun Hour
1:42 to 5:08 P.M. – Venus Hour
5:08 P.M. to 8:34 P. M – Mercury Hour
8:34 P. M to 12:00 A.M. – Moon Hour

Thursday Rulership

Thursday is ruled by Jupiter, the largest planet. Astrologically Jupiter governs expansion, philosophy, protocol and prophecy. Through Jupiter we sense the potential good in all and the promotion of justice in our world. On Thursday we express our gratitude for personal blessings and we look out for others.

Those Born on Thursday are Jupiter Types

Jupiter Types view life as a positive experience which should be enjoyed. Not only do they long for the best that money can buy, they enjoy traveling and seeing for themselves how other people live. Their high regard for quality pushes them to maintain everything have have accumulated over time. Still possessions are not as dear to these folks as are their social reputations, which tend to be professional or professorial. Jupiter types prefer not to offend others, yet they become outraged when their own sense of pride is wounded. Their beliefs tend to be devout along the lines of orthodoxy, but sometimes equally ardent regarding less conventional belief systems.

According to the Encyclopedia of Medical Astrology Thursday is a good day for religious devotion, quietude, peace of mind and relaxation. The nature of Jupiter is generally expansive and positive. It tends to be cooperative regarding most healing procedures. Any mental, nervous and chronic disorder finds relief when treated on Thursday and in the hours of Jupiter. It’s absolutely true that Thursday people can go overboard in matters of enjoyment. Putting on the pounds and a lack of exercise can cause heart problems. Overall these folks are kindly and generous. with particular religious or philosophical inclinations.

Individuals Born on Thursday

In Dayology we pay great attention to the birth date. The day of the week reveals the purpose of an individual’s life and the zodiac sign describes how this purpose is implemented. Here is our growing compendium of individuals born on Thursday in each of the twelve Sun Signs.

#49 THU ARI – Thursday in Aries
#50 THU TAU – Thursday in Taurus
#51 THU GEM – Thursday in Gemini
#52 THU CAN – Thursday in Cancer
#53 THU LEO – Thursday in Leo
#54 THU VIR – Thursday in Virgo
#55 THU LIB – Thursday in Libra
#56 THU SCO – Thursday in Scorpio
#57 THU SAG – Thursday in Sagittarius
#58 THU CAP – Thursday in Capricorn
#59 THU AQU – Thursday in Aquarius
#60 THU PIS – Thursday in Pisces

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