ALMANAC – Tuesday

On Tuesday we are prompted to act. What we do is not so important as long as we stay active. If there are physical object that need to be transported from place to place, this is the time to move them. Mars is not one to shy away from hard work, Difficult  challenges are easily accepted and all assignments should be approached in that light. When facing conflicts, we should deal with the problems rather than attack the people. Our major problem on Tuesday is that we get excited about certain things and irritated by others. Impatience must be checked because it leads to antagonism and violence. Keep in mind that in working together, a group achieves far more than one person alone.

The Two-Minute Task on Tuesday exercises our body and increases our energy levels. Take twenty deep breaths. Tense your muscles as if your were a wild animal. Tone your body with some long, gentle stretches. Walk up and down a staircase. Touch your toes twenty times. Jog briskly around the block. Take a steamy shower. Perform some physical gestures you would make if you were free to act as exactly as you please. Toast an English muffin or a bagel. Put a lot of black pepper on your eggs. Eat a breakfast burrito with salsa. Sip a cup of hot chocolate or spicy chai.

The Dayology Hours – Every Tuesday is divided into seven segments allowing each of the Day Rays to recognize the Mars as ruler of the day, while offering their own qualities to the mix.

Jupiter Hour – 12 A.M. to 3:25 A.M
Mars Hour – 3:25 A.M. to 6:51 A.M.
Sun Hour – 6:51 to 10:17 A.M.
Venus Hour – 10:17 to 1:42 P.M
Mercury Hour – 1:42 to 5:08 P.M.
Moon Hour – 1:42 to 5:08 P.M.
Saturn Hour – 8:34 P. M to 12:00 A.M.

Tuesday Rulership

Tuesday is ruled by Mars, our neighboring red planet. This member of our solar system governs movement, heat, passion and drive. Through Mars we are trained to act with force, courage and conviction of a spiritual warrior. On Tuesday we activate our personal wills to perform  our duties quickly and effectively.

Those born on Tuesday are Mars Types

Mars Types are always on the move and dislike restraints of any kind. It is hard for them to sit still unless they are directed to do so. Their bold actions and strong appetites may lead to bad habits in lifestyle or behavior. Likewise the Mars temperament is impulsive, which is often interpreted as rash, impetuous, or headstrong by others. In their speech they can be quarrelsome; still there is no one better to have on your side if you need defending. When the energy of a Mars type is focused they can accomplish more in an hour than others can do in a day. They especially enjoy training themselves to use the instruments, tools, or weapons that make their efforts more effective.

According to The Encyclopedia of Medical Astrology, Tuesday is the time to give the remedies of Mars, such as tonics and stimulants, or during the Mars hours of any day. It is also a good day to apply poultices to boils. The action of Mars (Tuesday’s ruler) is sudden and intense with the capacity to burn up poisons and wastes, Tuesday also has a strong connection to the blood. People born on Tuesday tend to be hasty, excitable and impetuous. They are brave and bold, but susceptible to accidents, injuries, wounds and prone to quarrels.

Individuals Born on Tuesday

In Dayology the birthdate determines everything. The day of the week reveals the purpose of an individual’s life and the zodiac sign describes how this purpose is implemented. Here is our compilation of famous individuals born on Saturday in each of the twelve Sun Signs.
#25 TUE ARI – Tuesday in Aries
#26 TUE TAU – Tuesday in Taurus
#27 TUE GEM – Tuesday in Gemini
#28 TUE CAN – Tuesday in Cancer
#29 TUE LEO – Tuesday in Leo
#30 TUE VIR – Tuesday in Virgo
#31 TUE LIB – Tuesday in Libra
#32 TUE SCO – Tuesday in Scorpio
#33 TUE SAG – Tuesday in Sagittarius
#34 TUE CAP – Tuesday in Capricorn
#35 TUE AQU – Tuesday in Aquarius
#36 TUE PIS – Tuesday in Pisces

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