SITEMAP – Celebrity Pairs

When it comes right down to relationships celebrities don’t have it any better than the rest of us. Yes, they tend to be better-looking and have more money to throw around. But don’t forget that the media points out their smallest mistakes and doesn’t let them forget their failures. No matter if these famous pairs are single, engaged, married or divorced, brothers or sisters, friends or rivals, Dayology gets beyond the glitter and right to their rays.

5/28/2020 – According to Sources / Scott Disick, Sofia Richie
2/26/2020 – Christo and Jeanne-Claude / Time Twin Visionaries
9/12/2019 – Sweet Social Justice / Ben Cohen, Jerry Greenfield
8/25/2019 – What’s the Attraction?/ Bryon Abasolo, Rachel Lindsay
11/1/2019 – Lady Diana’s Ring / Prince Charles, Princess Diana
6/9/2019 – Two of a Kind / Ellen Page, Emma Portner
4/28 /2019 – Is She Engaged? / Katie Holmes, Jamie Fox
9/28/2018 – Those Affleck Boys / Ben Affleck, Casey Affleck
6/28/2018 – Red Hot Lovers / Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban
4/17/2018 – The Fixer Uppers / Joanna Gaines, Chip Gaines
12/8/2017 – Harry Met Meghan / Prince Harry, Meghan Markle
5/18/2017 – Thirty-Four Years / Goldie Hawn, Kurt Russell
3/6/2017 – She Hates Me to Death / Meg Ryan, John Mellencamp
2/2/2017 – Serena and Venus / Venus Williams, Serena Williams
1/15 2017 – It’s Brotherly Love / Barack Obama, Joe Biden


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