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Hi there, Here are some things about me that I thought you might like to know! began as a weekly blog to express my innermost thoughts. It still functions in that manner, but I never dreamed that it would evolve into such a huge enterprise. There are now over three hundred pages making up this wide-ranging project. I use no advertisements so that you can focus your attention on the content and forget the rest of the world for a while. I thank all my regular viewers and especially those who have passed the word on to others.

The seven day week is a subject that receives little attention beyond keeping track of time. Still the subject has a fascinating background and may be influencing us to a greater extent than we realize. We know what we know, but we don’t know what we don’t know. We are excluded from many areas of life because their “unique realities” do not resonate with our individual and collective beliefs. I personally think that paying attention to the rhythm of the seven day week can be absolutely enlightening to anyone with an open-mind and creative spirit.

Not only has the social convention of the seven day week been practiced for thousands of years and all over the world, it may be the key to identifying to seven spiritual types of humanity. This particular concept reverberates to the core beliefs of many of the world faiths. And a number of integral cultures still believe that the “distinctive nature” of our individual being is determined by the “day of the week” of our birth. It is also thought that particularly important activities are best performed on “certain days” of the week and certainly not on others.

It’s the astrological implications of the seven day week that I personally find intriguing. I believe that innovative practices like Dayology add a new dimension to the “starry” art . It not only helps each one of us unfold our potential but to understand that everyone has the right to get the most out of life down here. I admit to looking forward to a time when all of humanity achieves self-fulfillment and accepts its spiritual responsibilities. That’s probably a long way off, so for now, join me every week as I view life through the colorful lens of Dayology.

Sincerely, Barbara Bianco

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