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Currently we can be reached though the REPLY function at the bottom of our posts.

Our readership is small. but it is growing day by day. The Dayology community is composed of many types of people interested in exploring THE SEVEN DAY WEEK. We enjoy this diversity because it lets us view Dayology from various angles.

One very interesting fact is that Dayology is being followed by individuals all around the world. We have stats from Google Analytics for proof. Honestly we don’t know why this is happening because we haven’t advertised ourselves anywhere. But we absolutely love it.

Admittedly we bounce around a bit as we attempt to address everything here: popular culture, ancient history, magic, mysticism, art, music and astrology. Our ongoing attempts to organize our content within ALMANAC and SITEMAP can help you locate your specific interests.

And I’d like thank everyone who is helping to put Dayology on the map — those who have patiently watched evolve, and those who are currently sending along words of encouragement. And my most grateful appreciation goes to the following:

Gerard Newman – Currently
Amy Yoshitsu – Along the way
Chaim Bianco – In the beginning
Robert Sedustine – Every day
Cody Leff – In a tight spot
Bob Leff – Enigmatically so.