Celebrity Lookalikes


Since “dopplegangers” are getting so much attention these days, we thought it would be interesting to see how many well-known individuals have equally famous lookalikes. Actually there are lots of articles online featuring celebrities who resemble one another.

Then we wondered if any of these lists contained pairs with the same Dayology Signature, Sun Sign or Day Ray. And we found that were far more of these look-alike same day ray types than we had anticipated. And the following pages list these categories for your exploration.

Celebrity Lookalikes – 0 (this page)
Celebrity Lookalikes – 1 – No Connections
Celebrity Lookalikes – 2 – Sun Signs
Celebrity Lookalikes – 3Day Rays

Of course, no two humans are ever exactly alike, unless they are clones. Even identical twins have some differences. Physical resemblances are generally the result of genes and heredity. The famous pairs in these Celebrity Lookalike Lists all share some physical resemblance. They are not biologically related, but many have similar backgrounds of race or ethnicity as well as some similarities in their birthdates.

The Dayology Album presents photos of people of different races and various gender identifications in the 84 Dayology Signatures. Because some of these subjects are not well-known or have lived in different time periods, they have not have been considered “lookalikes” but in many cases the physical resemblances are amazing! Take a Good Look!

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