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This compilation lists the pages on the Dayology Blog which explore the astrological concept of Mutual Reception. It is updated on a regular basis for those who are conducting Dayology Research.

Mutual Reception

Mutual Reception is a situation in astrology where two planets are placed in the signs of each other’s rulership. This arrangement strengthens the bond of the planets but it may circumscribe the way in which the planets work together. It creates an intensification of energies.

ASTROLOGY – When a Mutual Reception appears in an astrology chart it strengthens the functions of the two planets in the manner of the two zodiac signs involved. Mutual receptions are usually considered positive, unless one or both planets are placed in exaltation, fall, or detriment, which may create a matter of some complexity requiring closer examination.

DAYOLOGY – A Mutual Reception occurs when the Sun Sign ruler of one person’s signature appears in the sign of the Day Ray ruler and vice versa. The effect is fortunate provided that the motivations of the pair are good. The opposite effect is created by bad players. The influence of the MUTUAL RECEPTION can be surprisingly eventful as this connection is very strong.

Examples of Mutual Reception

That was No Accident!
Same Profession
Ruler – MER – JUP
#48 WED PIS – Andrey Melnichenko
#51 THU GEM -Yevgeny Prigozhin
Whose Famous Face is This?
Celebrity Resemblances
Ruler – VEN/MAR
#31 TUE LIB – Kim Kardashian
#61 FRI ARI – Kamilla Osman
Biden and Putin
World Leaders
Rulers – VEN/MAR
#31 TUE LIB – Vladimir Putin
#68 FRI SCO – Joe Biden
The Winning Ticket
Running Mate and
Campaign Manager
Rulers – VEN/MAR
#31 TUE LIB – Jen O. Dillion
#31 TUE LIB – Kamala Harris
#68 FRI SCO – Joe Biden
What Exactly do you Say?
Celebrity Marriage
Rulers – JUP/SAT
#58 THU CAP – John Legend
#81 SAT SAG – Chrissy Teigen
Elizabeth in Mourning
Royal Marriage
Rulers – MER/VEN
#38 WED TAU – Queen Elizabeth
#63 FRI GEM – Prince Philip
To Tell the Truth
Professional Associates
Rulers – MAR/SAT
#34 TUE CAP – Anthony Fauci
#73 SAT ARI – Rochelle Walensky
This Changes Everything!
Attorney & Client
Rulers – MER/JUP
#45 WED SAG – Lanny Davis
#54 THU VIR – Michael Cohen
230 Years in the Making
Three U.S. Senators
Rulers – MON/SAT
#22 MON CAP – Rand Paul
#76 SAT CAN – Lindsey Graham
#22 MON CAP – Josh Hawley

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