Links – Coronation of Charles III

Yes, a British coronation is a big deal. And it is thought to be even more powerful when it occurs on a day when the Moon is full. These internet links can fill in the blanks as to the role that astrology may have played in this prestigious event.

All About the Players in this Drama
ABCNEWS – Who’s who in the Royal Family
ASTRO – Charles III, King of the United Kingdom
ASTRO-CHARTS – Birth chart for King Charles
ASTRO-CHARTS – Birth chart for Lady Diana
ASTRO-CHARTS – Birth chart for Camilla Shand
ASTROMATCHA – Fated Marriage?
ASTROTHEME – Astrology & natal chart of Charles
GRUNGE – The Eerie Connection Between..
JESSICAADAMS – Charles, Astrology and …
METRO – Royal Family star signs:
PEOPLE – King Charles and Queen Camilla’s …
TODAY – How King Charles III’s Birth Chart will …

Compatibility Factors Considered
BOLNEWS – An astrologer reveals Prince 
CAFEASTROLOGY – Prince Charles and Camilla
DAILYMAIL – Astrologer reveals the most …
ELITEDAILY – Prince Charles & Camilla’s …
EXPRESS – Astrologer Shares Most Compatible
MARIECLAIRE – Diana & Camilla’s
NYPOST – Will King Charles, Queen Camilla’s
TATLER – Do King Charles and Queen Camilla’s …
THELIST – Astrology Expert Says Queen Camilla 
WOMENSHEALTH – Charles And Camilla’s
YAHOO – The most compatible royal couple 

Predictions – Astrological and Otherwise
EXPRESS – King Charles III ‘won’t be our King … 
GEO.TV – Astrologer Predicts Shocking Concerns 
NYPOST – King Charles III’s coronation will
STARTSAT60 – Grim astrological forecast ahead
STYLECASTER – King Charles III’s Astrology … 
TODAY – Astrology Of King Charles III’s Coronation
TOWN&COUNTRY – The Astrology Surrounding…
UCALGARY – The future of the monarchy under …
VANGUARD – King Charles, Queen Camilla 
YAHOO – The Astrology of King Charles III’s 
YAHOO – Could the lunar eclipse be a bad …

Thoughts About the choice of Coronation Date
AOL – Astrology Surrounding King Charles III’...
ASTROLOGYKING – The Coronation Timing
DAILYMAIL – Astrologer claims King Charles…
GLAM – The Significance Of King Charles’ …
HONEY.NINE – Grim Astrological Forecast Ahead
MSN – Astrologer claims the king picked …. 
MSN – Bad omen for King Charles’s Coronation 
THEGUARDIAN –  A dated pageant that should …
USWEEKLY – King Charles III’s Coronation Date
VOGUE – Everything You Need to Know About 
WOMANANDHOME – Coronation coincides with a…

In preparation – The Nature of Lunar and Solar Eclipses

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