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If you haven’t noticed the increasing intensity of pandemics, storms, fires and earthquakes, you simply aren’t paying attention. If the thought that the Earth may be in trouble has crossed your mind, you are not alone. This collection of Internet Links can help put things in perspective.

While many religions of the world have foretold a time when “life as we know it” comes to an end and planetary lifeforms are tested beyond their capacity to survive, the planet itself cannot easily be destroyed. As a cosmic organism, it will evolve under prevailing conditions.

Whether this “end time thoughtform” is viewed from a religious slant or a scientific perspective, humanity is not helpless. There are things we can do individually and collectively to get through extremely challenging times. We can actually change our ways and create a better world.

Background Information
MERRIAM-WEBSTER – End-time Definition
POWERTHESAURUS – Synonyms for End Times
THETHESAURUS – End of the World
WIKIPEDIA – Eschatology 
WIKIPEDIA – List of Dates Predicted 

Public Opinion
E360.YALE – Apocalypse Fatigue:
IPSO – One in Seven Global Citizens Believe
NEA – The Late Great Planet Earth …
NEWSWEEK – Number of Americans Believe 
MBIRD – It’s the End of the World as we know it  
PEWRESEARCH – Four in Ten US Adults Believe
RELIGIONPUBLIC – The Political Implications
TODAY – How Americans Believe the World …
TOWNANDCOUNTRY – 15 End of the World Movies
WASHINGTONPOST – Experts Think …
WIKIPEDIA – Apocalyptic Fiction
YOUGOV – How Americans Believe the World …

World Religion Beliefs
CNN – How Religions Predict the World Will End
ENCYCLOPEDIA – End Of The World, – Religions on the End of the World
INDIATIMES – Religions on the End of the World
LEARNRELIGIONS – Apocalyptic Religions
PBS – FRONTLINE – Apocalypse!
REFLECTIONS.YALE – …That End-Time Religion
WIKIPEDIA – Apocalypticism
YOUTUBE – Apocalypse with Morgan Freeman

Other Possibilities
AMAZONBOOKS – The End of the World …
CAMBRIDGE – It’s the End of the World …
EANDT – The Final Countdown:
DIGITALCOMMONS – Fear of the Apocalypse
FRONTLINE – Signs of the End Times
GIZMO – The 6 Crappiest Apocalypses
NYMAG – The Uninhabitable Earth
NEWLINESMAG – What if We Cancel …
PBS – Interview with Bart Ehrman
SCIENCE – Here’s How the World Could End …
RAPTURE – Different Views on the End of the … 
SMITHSONIANMAG – The End of the World …
YOUTUBE – Here’s How the World Could End—

Ecological Issues
BIOLOGOS – End Times and the Environment
CNN – The Doomsday Clock Reveals How Close
ESAJOURNALS – Trends in Ecology and …
GLOBALCHALLENGES – Ecological Collapse
NATURE – The Projected Timing of Abrupt 
NYPOST – 50 years of predictions …
NYTIMES – Beyond Catastrophe:
SCIENCEDIRECT – Life in the Aftermath of …
WORLDCRUNCH – End Times And Ecology: 
WIKPEDIA – Climate Apocalypse
WIKIPEDIA – Ecological Succession

Earth’s History and Future
BBC – Could humans destroy all life on Earth?
CLIMATE.GOV – Hasn’t Earth warmed and …
NEWS.YALE – The Life Story of Earth’s Climate
SCIENTIFICAMERICAN – Evolution of Earth 
SMITHSONIANMAG – Travel Through Deep Time 
TREEHUGGER – A Timeline of the Distant Future
WIKIPEDIA – Future of Earth
WIKPEDIA – History of Earth

Emergency Survival
BBC – How to Survive a Natural Disaster 
BUILDASTASH – End Of The World Preparation
CHECKIFY – Apocalypse Checklist: 
EMERGENCY.CDC – Preparedness & Planning 
HOWSTUFFWORKS – 5 Green Methods to Survive 
READY.GOV – Build A Kit 
READY.GOV –Disability-Toolkit
REDCROSS – Disaster Preparedness Plan
TELSONSURVIVAL – 22 Disaster Survival Skills
WATCHMOJO – Surprising Ways To Survive …
YOUTUBE – 7 Ways to Survive Natural Disasters

Long Term Continuity
ASKAPREPPER – 21 Items To Take With You …
BBC – The Greatest Long-Term threats 
CNET – A Practical Guide to the End of Days
CNN – Luxury Doomsday Bunkers: 
EARTH – What’s likely to cause human extinction
LONGNOW – The Clock of the Long Now
OURWORLD – The Future is Vast – 
SCIENCEDIRECT – Considering the Long Term
SURVIVORULLIVAN – Prepping for Beginners: 
WIKIPEDIA – Future of Earth

Collective Efforts
BBS – Gen Z: How Young People are Changing
JOURNALS – Planetary Activism at the End of…
JOURNALS – .Postapocalyptic Environmentalism
MSN – March to End Fossil Fuels
NPR – How to be an Activist Without burning 
RESEARCHGATE – Activism for End Times:
RGS – Radical politics and the Apocalypse
SCIENCE – Here’s How the World Could End
TANDONLINE – Activism for End Times: 
WAGINGNONVIOLENCE – Mass actions or …

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