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Dayology employs the seven days of the week as the basis of its typology system. The number seven has been used to define human existence for a very long time. Today it is used in religion, psychology and pop culture. The number seven organizes anything and everything.

DAYOLOGY.COM – Seven Pointed Star
DAYOLOGY.COM – Dayology as a Typology System
DAYOLOGY.COM – Thai Colors of the Day
DAYOLOGY.COM – Day of the Week Buddhas
DAYOLOGY.COM – Akan Soul Names

CPOI – Seven Types of Bad Weather
CUPBLOG – The Seven Types of Earthquakes
FARMER’s ALMANAC – The Seven Types of Rainbows
FOXYPEZ- Seven Types of Snow
IEA – Seven Key Principles for Net Zero
INFOPLEASE – The Seven Continents
NATURALSTART – 7 Ways Nature Based Learning
REFERENCE – The Seven Weather Elements
SCIENCING – What Are Seven Land Biomes?
WIKIPEDIA – Seven Natural Wonders

ALEX GREY – Seven Statements on Mystic Art
BLOG.REEDSY – 7 Types of Conflict in Literature
ENGLISH4ORAN – Seven Types of Meaning
HELLO MUSIC THEORY – Seven Musical Modes
MANAGEBLOG – Seven Stages of Listening
MASTERCLASS – 7 Elements in Rhythm
MASTERCLASS – Seven Diatonic Modes
MUSICAWARENESS – Seven Harmonies
OPERAFOR ALL – Seven Types of Voice
TAURANGA – 7 Types of Street Art
TELEGRAPH –  History of American Music
UXDESIGN – Seven Design Principles
WIKIPEDIA – The Seven Basic Plots

ABC – The Seven Types of Science
ANSWERSDRIVE – Seven types of Matter
ASTRONOMINESTUFF – Seven Types of Light
GREEN LIVING – Seven Environmental Threats
INDEED – The 7 Steps of the Scientific Method
INFOPLEASE – Scientific Classification
KAHEEL – Seven layers of Earth’s Atmosphere
KENT – Seven Ideas that Shook the Universe
NH – Seven-day Human Biological Rhythms
PHYSICTODAY – The Seven SI Base Units
REFERENCE – The Seven Weather Elements
SCIENCING – 7 Types of Electromagnetic Waves
SCIENCERULES – Seven Types of Stars
SLOANREVIEW – 7 Technologies Remaking …
THOUGHTCO – The 7 Diatomic Elements
WIKIPEDIA – Basic Metabolic Panel
WIKIPEDIA – Visible Spectrum

DOSOMETHING – 7 Volunteering Ideas 
EMBRACERACE – 7 ways to support the
FOODTANK – Seven Ways to Fight for ...
FORBES – Seven Ways To Become The Type 
GIVINGCOMPASS – Seven Ways to Be a …
ICRC – Seven Fundamental Principles
NBCNEWS – How to be an activist for causes 
UNWOMEN – Seven ways to change the world 
WICKEDSEVEN – Humanity’s Biggest Issues

500YOGANAS – The seven types of Arrogance 
BIGTHINK – The Seven Religious Styles
CHALBAD – What Are the Seven Types of Souls?
CLARION – The Seven Types of Man
CNN – 7 Types of Evangelicals 
CNN – The Seven Principles of Kwanzaa
ELEPHANTJOURNAL – The 7 Types of People
FAITHGATE – Seven Last Sayings of Christ
HALATUBE – The Seven Types of Special People
ISLAMWEB – The seven types of people who
OBO – The Seven Types of Individuals
PATHEOS – The 7 Types of Catholic Confessions
SALON – 7 different types of non-believers
SEVENSEARCH – Seven Kinds Of People God …
THESTAR – Seven Truths by Tanya Talaga
UUA – The Seven Principles |

Psychology and Health
CCG – Seven Challenges Recovery Program
CIRCLEIN – Seven Habits to Perform at your Best
E-COUNSELING –  What are the 7 Types of Love?
FORBES – The Seven Practices Of Mindful Leaders
HEALTHLINE – Seven Stages of Grief
INSPIREEDUCATION – Seven Learning Styles
ITSTIME – Personality Types:  The Seven Roles
KENNETHSORENSON – What are the Seven Types?
OJP – Seven Challenges of Substance Abuse
MICHAELTEACHINGS – The Seven Obstacles
PERSONALGROWTH – Seven Types of Inner Critics
PSYCHOLOGY TODAY – Seven Types of Loneliness
PSYCHOLOGY TODAY – Seven Types of Stalkers
SLEEPEDUCATION – Why you only need 7 hours
SLIDESHARE – Maslow’s Seven Types of People
WIRED – The Seven Different Intelligences

Pop Culture
ALLBUSINESS – The Seven Types of Managers
AWARENESSACT – The Seven Types Of People
BUSINESS TODAY – Seven Technology Problems
CNBC – There are 7 Money Personality Types
CAREERGIRLDAILY – Seven Types of Toxic People
EDTIMES – Seven Types of Sarcasm
ESCAPEARTISTS – The Seven Types of Language
IWOS – The Seven Types of People You’ll Meet …
LAVA – The 7 Types of Shoppers
LITERACY.KENT – Seven Types of Difficult People
MEDIUM – Seven Types of Investors
MEMBRAIN – The Seven Types of Sales Managers
THE MIND’S JOURNAL – The Seven Types of People ##
NBC – There are Seven Types of Voters
NOT PERFECT – There are seven types of people
ODESSEYONLINE – 7 Types Of People You’re
RELIABLEPLANT – 7 failures of business growth
ROBOTMASCOT – Seven Kinds of Investors
STEVENNAITCHISON – 7 Types Of People …
THEZOE REPORT – 7 Types of People You Should
YOUNGISTTHAN – These Are Seven Types
WORLDOFWORK – The Seven Transformations

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