Ukraine Needs Our Support

The attack on Ukraine continues and winter is on it’s way. The dire situation of the Ukrainian people calls for a response. If someone set a house in our neighborhood on fire, we would pitch in to put the flames out. Please contribute what you can to support these war-weary individuals. WITH OUR ASSISTANCE the courageous Ukrainians can get through this.

World Central Kitchen
Michael McFaul Putin the Terrible
Ukraine’s First Lady

Karmic Load

While we continue to examine the news for examples of how the 84 Dayology Signatures behave and interact, we are also looking into the manner that many older cultures regard the energies of the seven day week. Our next big project concerns the unfinished business of our lives, past, present and future. We are looking into how KARMA affects our current circumstances through the energies of our Dayology Signatures. Can the weight of our individual karmic burdens be measured or even lessened? Dayology thinks so!

Instant KarmaIt’s Karmic
New Soul / Old Soul

Dayology is International

Every day receives statistics from Google Analytics. This recent map shows that our viewers come from all over the world and we couldn’t be happier. It is our humble opinion that the Dayology typology pertains to every member of humanity regardless of any distinctions.

The Importance of Organization

The Blog has been online since the Fall of 2017 and a ton of content has been produced in our weekly features during that time. One of our biggest challenges is making all this material easily accessible. To that aim we are organizing our content with several different navigational systems, of which four of the most important are listed here:

The Search Function on every
page locates information
of a specific nature.

SiteMap pinpoints past
Dayology features by title
and field of interest.

The Dayology Almanac lists
the Sun Signs and Day Rays
for your reference.

The Dayology Album holds
the photos of hundreds
of celebrities.
Take a look!