SITEMAP – Notable Groups

While Dayology is great at helping individuals to discover their purpose, it is even better at showing people how they fit together. Gatherings of people, such as teams, crews, clubs and bands, all conduct themselves according to the energies involved. Even political bodies and civic events operate by their Sun Signs and Day Rays. Group dynamics cannot be overlooked.

12/13/2020 – They’ve Done It Again! – The U.S. Supreme Court
4/21/2020 – Republicans Against Trump – The Lincoln Project
9/19/2019 – F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Forever – It’s still around in reruns
6/21/2019 – The 2020 Candidates – Two nights of debate
5/5/2019 – Purveyors of Hate – A steady stream of negativity
8/15/2018 – It’s Not Over till Its Over – The Big Bang Theory
12/26/2018 – The Wizard of Oz – Greatest cast of characters