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Capricorns are determined climbers who proceed along one of two diverse paths. Some Capricorns climb for OUTER material success and others take the INNER path of self-perfection. Each route requires steady steps learning from all the upsets that may befall them. Capricorns are willing to undergo immense ordeals if a significant reward is promised at the end. They are like the rabbit that keeps on going in the battery commercials. Lots of Capricorns experience a frail or sickly childhood, but they hardy up with age. Likewise Capricorns can be quite shy while young and achieve notoriety by retirement. It has been said that Capricorn are mature as children and young when elderly. Some Capricorn have been known to kick up their heels later in life. Actually when they feel they can afford it, Capricorns do partake of the pleasures of life. And the delights they choose are usually the best they can afford.

Capricorn Professions

Capricorn should consider the roles of Business Owner, Carpenter, Chiropractor, Civil Engineers, Coal Miner, Building Contractor, Corporate Executive, Gardener, Excavator, Leather Worker, Industrial Engineer, IT Specialist, Mathematician, Osteopath, Politician, Potter, Rancher, Servant, Stone Mason, Security Officer, Vocational Counselor.

Capricorn Health

Capricorn rules the skeleton, joints, knees, kneecaps, bones, skin, mucous membranes and peripheral nerves. Capricorn conditions include physical deformities, dislocations, constipation, stiffness, depression, scabies, impetigo, leprosy, rheumatism. and knee problems.


Capricorn Symbol


Capricorn Associations

Symbol – The Sea Goat
Ruler – Saturn
Mode – Cardinal
Element – Earth
Polarity – Receptive
Dates – 12/22 – 1/20