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Geminis are known for their highly developed mental abilities which reflect the two sides of the brain, rational and intuitive.  There is hardly an area of study that would not interest a Gemini. They want to handle everything but their minds cannot operate in that manner. So they do their best, focusing for a time on this and then on that. Geminis are versatile but they can also be restless. Depending on the way their minds are developed, the sign of Gemini produces both the brilliant and the superficial. The genius integrates knowledge into new concepts, while the jack-of-all-trades jumps around unable to see the underlying unity. Still all Geminis are bright, charming and witty. They are naturally friendly and the least prejudiced of all the zodiac signs. Geminis often create situations of having to make choices which is difficult for them to do.

Gemini Profiles

#03 SUN GEM Mike Pence
#03 SUN GEM Rudy Giuliani 
#27 MAR GEM Nicole Kidman 
#27 MAR GEM Serena Williams 
#27 MAR GEM William Bar 
#39 WED GEM Amy Klobuchar
#63 FRI GEM Donald Trump

Gemini Professions

Announcer, Author, Bookseller, Bus Driver, Clerk, Communicator, Educator, Engineer, Handwriting Expert, Journalist, Lecturer, Librarian, Linguist, Mail Carrier, Porter, Proofreader, Publisher, Reporter, Salesperson, Secretary, Service Station Owner, Stock Broker, Talk Show Host, Taxi Driver, Teacher, Tour Guide, Translator, Travel Agent.

Gemini Health

Gemini rules the shoulders, clavicle, scapula, lungs, wind pipe, thymus gland, trachea, bronchi, upper arms and the whole nervous system. Gemini conditions include asthma, bronchitis, consumption, coughs, injuries to the arms and hands, pneumonia, catarrh, bronchitis, tuberculosis, anxiety, nervousness and mental disorders.


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