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Image – Martial Culture in Medieval Town

There was a time when the enigmatic expression of “The Planets and their Children” did not raise a single eyebrow. It was a widespread belief in many cultures that human kind was divided up into seven different types and each group was looked after by one the seven “planets.”

It was also thought that the day of the week upon which a person was born ‘sealed their fate.’ Today the nursery rhyme “Monday’s child” remains as an remnant of this particular outlook. The following INTERNET links will take you to more information about this fascinating topic:

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Internet Info
ACADEMIC – Children of the Planets
CAMBRIDGE – Representations of ‘planet-children’ 
CORE – Reading the Stars of the Renaissance.
DOCSLIB – The Children of the Planets/Breanne Herrera
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GOOGLEBOOKS – Astrology in Medieval Manuscripts
GOOGLEBOOKS – Myth, Montage, & Visuality
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JSTOR – Sumaries/Samenvatting
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Seven Planetary Types
AMAZONBOOKS – Body Types /Joel Friedlander
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SCRIBED – Planetary Body Types
SOPHIAINSTITUTE – The Rhythms of the Foundation …
YOUTUBE – Planetary Types

GOOGLEBOOKS – Astrology and astronomy – Lehner
GOOGLEBOOKS – Astrology in Medieval Manuscripts
GOOGLEBOOKS – Astrology, Magic, and Alchemy in Art
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BILLYANDCHARLIE – A Blockbook of Medieval Astrology
BRUNELLESSCHI – The Renaissance of Astrology
CAMBRIDGE – Representations of ‘planet-children’ 
EDT-CEU – The Children of the Planets 
GETTY – Written in the Stars
LUMINARIUM – Medieval Cosmology and Worldview
MEDIVALASTROLOGYGUIDE – Medieval Astrology Guide
THEHOSTORYJAR – The Importance of the Number 7

ALAMY – Planets – Mercury and his Children
GETTYIMAGES – 48 De Sphaera Stock Photos & Pictures
JFPTAK – Renaissance Engravings of the Influences
METMUSEUM – The Moon and Her Children
PININTEREST – The Seven Planets and their …
PROQUEST – Venus and Mars

Day of the Week Fragrances