Dayology.com was originally intended to be a blog where I could express myself in images and words. It still functions in that manner, but I had no idea that it would evolve into such a huge resource or catch fire in the imaginations of so many wonderful people. Right now I want to thank everyone who has visited my blog and then passed the word on to others.

The theme of this blog is the seven day week. It is, a subject which generally is not given much thought. Still it has an interesting background and many believe that it influences us even if we don’t realize it. Actually Dayology holds large-scale implications for the future providing we don’t die of the virus or destroy our planet. In that case the seven day week probably won’t mean much to us.

Not only is the seven day week a social convention that is now in effect all over the world, but it turns out to be a ridiculously simple way to identify which of the seven spiritual types of humanity, each of us happen to be. It’s enlightening to discover that our individual life purpose (and that of others) is determined by knowing which day of the week we were born.

Yes, it is that easy and this little piece of information is incredibly important. People born on the same day of the week operate out of similar motivations and work along the same lines. People born on different days of the week need to respect the fact that there are many ways to contribute value at this time. Every interaction in life can be interpreted through this set of Day Ray principle.

Dayology is a bit different than Astrology. In fact Dayology combines the seven Day Rays with the twelve Sun Signs to understand our amazing multi-dimensional natures. These 84 energy combinations are the subject of our investigation. We are searching out the Dayology signatures in nature, people, activities, events, nations, planets, and stars to observe exactly how they work.

It is our hope that someday Dayology is utilized so freely that humanity achieves self-fulfillment and accepts its seven-fold responsibility on this planet. That’s probably a long way off, but in the meantime, you can peruse our observations, test out our conclusions for yourself and even start looking at life through the colorful lens of this new belief system.


Barbara Biando