Person of the Year 2016

This  morning Donald Trump was announced Time Magazine’s 2016 Person of the Year -and- the President of the Divided States of America.  This selection makes sense reflecting back over the the past twelve months. No one has ever influenced our daily news like Trump.

Most people forget that “The Person of the Year” award is simply a slick marketing gimmick that has been used by Time Magazine since the 1920s. It lists a number of popular news makers and then invites us to vote for the one who may have impacted our lives. Somehow it is generally felt that this annual award adds to the concept of humanity advancing through time, when it is just a measurement of media opinion.

Time Magazine states that the title represents “the person or persons who most affected the news and our lives, for good or ill, and embodied what was important about the year, for better or for worse.” Ben Goldberger, Senior Editor of Time, stated in a phone interview with Craig Melvin of MSNBC that this selection is not necessarily an honor. To further prove his point, he added that the foreign election hackers had also  been considered for the award

Even so Trump states that he is honored by the selection, but he is not very happy about being labeled as the president of a divided nation. He stressed that as our next national leader he wants to bring the nation together. He does not speak to the fact that as a presidential candidate he won the election by deliberately focusing on dangerous prejudices rather than offering genuine solutions that encourage our commonalities. Overall I think the U.S.A is a well-meaning nation regardless of its leadership.

The Dayology Analysis

Donald Trump

Looking at Trump’s Dayology signature, I ask if he can bring the factions of our nation together. #63 FRI GEM represents a person born with a Friday Day Ray and a Gemini Sun Sign. It may sound crazy in light of what has occurred this election season, but it might be possible. This particular blend of energies has the ability to clearly identify the divisions of things. The challenge is to discover what can join the pieces together. Is he up to this challenge?

I don’t know if Trump is willing to act from his better nature but I can testify that everyone has one, but they don’t always put it in motion. Trump’s two rulers, Venus and Mercury are both situated in Cancer. This means that he is not only OUTWARDLY capable of judging how the public will react, he can INWARDLY sense essential needs. If he uses these INNER and OUTER assets to develop answers to our nation’s problems, he could be fulfilling his life purpose. If he employs his understandings for the advancement of hate, greed and exploitation, he will be clearly serving the darker side of human nature.

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