Nadler as the Anti-Trump

This morning U.S. Representative, Jerry Nadler, gave the opening statement in the House Judiciary Committee hearing. Serving as the Chairman of this revered governmental body, he introduced the two articles of impeachment which accuses President Donald Trump of committing high crimes and misdemeanors. Specifically he abused his presidential power in the Ukrainian Intrigue and obstructed the efforts of Congress to investigate these matters.

Today was most definitely one of those moments. It was the third time in the history of our country that a president has been impeached. What it means depends upon your point of view. Everyone should give the matter some serious thought. If you would like to read Nadler’s remarks for yourself, the full transcript can be found on the CNN news site. If you relate more to  images and sound. check out their video of this momentous event.

We are setting politics aside and examining the relationship between the accused Donald Trump and Jerry Nadler, one of his accusers. According to a recent articlein The Washington Post “Nadler, according to associates, is not intimidated by Trump. After Trump won the election, the congressman wrote about how the country could not normalize Trump’s conduct.” We assure you there is more here than what meets the eye. Our research shows that a strong emotional connection exists between these two politicians.

Dayology Analysis

Donald Trump and Jerry Nadler were both born on Friday and in the zodiac sign of Gemini. Consequently they share the #63 Dayology Signature. This surprising but significant fact needs exploration. There are 84 signatures in the Dayology System, so statistically it is a one in eightly-four chances that this situation would ever occur. But who else could confront and take on a powerful figure, but an equally well situated figure?

Trump and Nadler were both born in Gemini so they both are excellent communicators in their own fields. It is a Gemini trait to see both sides of an issue and become confused. They end up depending upon their core beliefs which are generally developed very early on. For Nadler the law makes sense to him and it has provided him with a straight as an arrow nature. Trump lives in the marketplace and he is purely “transactional” in all his dealings.

These two figures were both born on the same day of the week. Usually Friday’s children exhibit a quality of charm or sweetness. These are not the qualities by which either of these famous individuals are known. Publicly Trump is superfically insincere and Nadler projects a morose determination.  It is possible that these two political animals could act kindly in intimate relationships, but both are noted for having a cynical sense of humor.

Actually these two guys  go way back. They were New Yorkers and involved for several decades in a well-publicized feud. Nadler was the Assemblyman and after that a U.S. Congressman  who opposed most of Trumps’s real estate plans. It is said that Trump has never forgiven Nadler and Nadler appears to have taken on the role of preventing Trump’s misadventures. So if someone asks you which of these two men would be most likely to lie and which one was most likely to tell the truth, what would be your answer? It’s really that clear.  Nadler and Trump are related by their same Dayology signature like MATTER and ANTI-MATTER.  Let’s call them TRUMP and ANTI-TRUMP.

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