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Things haven’t gone well between the royal brothers since Harry and Meghan announced their engagement. Prince William would have preferred a longer courtship for Harry before he popped the question. For a decade “Waity” William held off from marrying Kate Middleton. He did not want to chance a painful divorce. As the heir to the throne William’s search for a life-long mate was very different from Harry’s simple desire to share his love with someone special. And in a way William was “right on target” because Meghan did collapse under the royal pressures which pushed Harry to find an escape from their narrow and public royal lifestyle.

According to British author, Robert Lacey, the rejection of “the royal reveal” has further angered Prince William. He has faithfully followed the royal tradition of presenting each of his three children to the public within hours of their births. And on each occasion his wife, Kate, cheerfully stood by his side, although it wouldn’t occur to most women to walk on the day of their delivery. Harry’s decision to defy this archaic publicity event is quite understandable considering the irresponsible role that the press had played in his mother’s death. “I lost my mother,” he has written, “and now I watch my wife falling victim to those same powerful forces.”

This revealing information is offered in the recently published book entitled Battle of Brothers The Inside Story of a Family Tumult. It is written by royal historian and biographer, Robert Lacey, the individual who knows (and is willing to tell) more secrets about the British royal family than anyone around. Lacey shares his storehouse of knowledge on his personal blog. While his features are not as sensational as the gossip columns out there, you can count on them being insightful and correct which is ultimately better than titillating and untrue.

Prince William

Prince Harry

Robert Lacey

Robert Lacey was born on a Monday in the zodiac sign of Capricorn. The Moon rules his INNER Self and Saturn takes rulership over his OUTER Personality. The #22 MON CAP Signature creates a person who is greatly interested in the world but lives quite comfortably within a structured existence. The Moon keeps things moving along while Saturn maintains his edge.

Lacey was educated at Cambridge University where he majored in history. He is the author of a number of best-selling biographies including one of Queen Elizabeth II. His television coverage of the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton was enjoyed by millions of Americans. Lacey currently serves as the historical consultant to the Netflix drama, The Crown.

It must be mentioned that the writing style of the Battle of the Brothers is “quick reading.” Lacey accepts the situations of the various figures that he profiles and isn’t disapproving of anyone’s behavior. He peppers his text with racy remarks that might be taken as tasteless by some, but it seems to be the accurate reporting of the seemingly coarse behaviors of his subjects.

Incidentally Lacey is the right person to comment on the lives of William and Harry. His Dayology signature resonates to the signature energies of the two princes. Lacy, like William, was born on Monday, so they both have the reflective Moon as their Day Ray. They share a world view that allows for the ups and downs in themselves and others. As a Saturn ruled Capricorn Lacey can tune into the serious inclinations natural to Harry who is clearly a Saturday’s Child.

The British Royals

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