Three Wednesdays in a Row

One of the assumptions upon which Dayology resides is that the seven days of the week – Sunday through Saturday – each has its own particular nature and works best for promoting certain activities. This concept is very old and if it hadn’t been rescued from the dust heaps of antiquity, we might be totally ignorant of the power of performing the tasks properly.

Even if this odd little piece of knowledge had been lost, it would not have stopped the sequential action of the days of the week from occurring. We would be dwelling in a hit or miss world, unable to understand why some actions succeed and others fail miserably. We are fortunate that some of us appear to have the natural gift of picking the right day for fulfilling our purposes.

Three Important Wednesday Events

One of the most recent examples of Dayology’s sorting out process, is the three stage drama of which we witnessed in our nation’s capitol just this month. Our nation’s future was challenged, judged and realigned on three sequential Wednesdays. Considered together these three days are as compelling as any political event that has ever occurred in American history.

THE INSURRECTION – Wednesday, January 6, 2021 was chosen as the date for the hordes to descend upon the Capitol. Their objective was to disrupt the verification of the outcome of the November election by the Congress. The demonstration turned out to be an armed attack from which our Senators and Representatives narrowly escaped. The appointed task was completed later that night. Many of the disrupters were identified and arrested.
THE IMPEACHMENT – Wednesday, January 13, 2021 was the date when the current president was impeached for the second time by Congress for Abuse of Power and Obstruction. He was accused of encouraging violence with false claims of election fraud. A political, not criminal trial, will be held after the newly elected president is installed. One objective of this action is to bar this individual from holding public office again.
THE INAUGURATION – On Wednesday, January 20, 2021 the 46th president and vice president were sworn into office. The inaugural ceremony took place at noon on the Capitol steps. The nation watched on via media while “consequence management” was practiced by Capitol Police, Law Officers and U.S. military personnel. Massive relief was experienced as the tradition of “peaceful transition of power” was carried out.

How do these three accounts reflect Wednesday energy when they are so different? Well, the effects of all the past days of the week, are always present and waiting to be wrapped up. It is the energy of the current day of the week that determines the daily outcome. In each of these cases – Attack, Condemnation and Resolution – it was REASON and COMMONSENSE that saved the day. The role of communication was critical on each Wednesday. Any of one these events might have incurred dire consequences without Mercury’s ability to make swift decisions.

Mercury, ruler of Wednesday

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