Could it be THAT Simple?

That’s the question that the 62nd chaplain of the U.S. Senate asked at the second Impeachment Trial of Donald Trump. Chaplain Barry C. Black inquired of the creator why it hasn’t occurred to humanity to just be truthful, Why don’t we trust that we can make it through tough situations without compromising the good and true in our lives. How is it that we get so entangled within political falsehoods that we cannot see straight or act with personal integrity?

This is the situation that is being played out in the U.S. capitol right now. Ex-president Trump is being tried for his reprehensible speech directing his followers to act at their very worst . The exact charge is “incitement to insurrection” and it looks as if the ex-president could be absolved of this crime. Many of our elected representatives cannot even be truthful to themselves for the fear of losing their political power and elevated positions. It’s really that bad, and Chaplain Black responded by delivereding the following convocation:

Let us pray, Eternal God, author of liberty,
take control of this impeachment trial.
Lord, permit the words of the New England poet,
James Russell Lowell to to provide our Senate
jurors with just one perspective. Lowell wrote:
“Once to every man and nation comes the moment to decide
in the strife of truth with falsehood for the good or evil side?”

Mighty God could it really be that simple?
Could it really be just truth striving against falsehood?
And good striving against evil? Powerful redeemer,
have mercy on our beloved land.
We pray in your magnificent name. Amen

In going through this ongoing impeachment we will document how dysfunctional our current government happens to be. At least, there will be an excellent record of all the wrongdoing for posterity. One thing that does feel right is Chaplain Black’s question about truth. But what made the poetic writings of James Russell Lowell, so enormously appealing to Chaplain Black? We assert that the attraction is one not so ordinarily recognized, but can be tracked down if you know the birthdates of these two individuals and you know exactly what to do with them.

Barry Clayton Black

James Russell Lowell

Barry Black was born on a Monday in the zodiac sign of Scorpio. The Moon rules his INNER Self and Mars or Pluto govern his OUTER Self activity. The #20 Dayology signature creates people with deep feelings and an attraction to redemptive efforts. In every regard they are relentless and will fight for their beliefs no matter what obstacles they may be facing.

James Russell Lowell was born on a Monday in the zodiac sign of Pisces. The Moon rules his INNER Self and Jupiter or Neptune govern his OUTER Self activity. The #24 Dayology signature creates individuals who allow their feelings lead them into imponderable considerations. They tend not to be petty and look for situations which draws out compassion or imagination.

These two individuals both have the MOON Day Ray. Their basic pattern is to proceed through life being sensitive to the emotional currents in themselves and those around them. They were born 129 years apart so they never met. Yet the MOON poet expressed his impressions in poetry and the MOON chaplain resonated to these embedded MOON messages.

And if you think these two MON/MON guys resided in ivory towers, you are absolutely wrong. According to Wikipedia Barry Clayton Black served for over 27 years in the United States Navy Chaplain Corps, rising to the rank of rear admiral. In 1995, Black received the NAACP Renowned Service Award for his contributions to equal opportunity and civil rights. In contrast James Russell Lowell was just beginning to make a name for himself in journalistic circles, when he became involved in the movement to abolish slavery. He taught at Harvard and published a number of books before being appointed editor of the prestigious Atlantic monthly.

We don’t have to yell in the streets to be activists, but we can, if we want.

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