Day or Night?

Here at it’s pretty clear that we think that people born on each day of the week share a certain nature. But does it matter whether they are born in the A.M. or P.M.?

The answer as far as Dayology goes is NO. For the purposes of Dayology it does not matter what time of the day or night we are born. Dayology studies the interactions between the INNER and OUTER SELVES as represented by the Day Ray and the Sun Sign. In fact one of “the beauties” of Dayology is that the time of birth is not needed to obtain your Dayology Signature.

Dayology counts each day of the week as beginning at twelve midnight and proceeding for the next twenty-four hours. So each of the seven days of the week is guided by a different Day Ray (planetary ruler) and creates a specific spiritual type of person. This interesting premise appears to be true as it is tested in our weekly analyses of various people, pairs and groups.

The Rising Sign

However in Astrology the time of our birth is essential for establishing THE RISING SIGN in a Natal Chart. And the positions of the sun, moon and the planets are calculated to the very second we are born. Even though the math is easy completed with computers, correcting interpreting a Natal Chart requires training and experience to decipher the “messages of the stars.”

The natal chart is the key to understanding WHAT each human life on Earth is all about. It divides our human inclinations into all manner of categories so that we can understand the Earth experience in which we find ourselves. It also keeps track of WHEN the important events occur in our lives, so that we can attempt to handle for what could have never be anticipated.

One of the long-held traditions of astrologers is to view individuals as either solar or lunar types. There are long lists of differences between these two types of individuals indicating that they do seem to operate differently. It is generally stated that Solar Types are likely to be steadier, stronger and more ambitious while Lunar are more temperamental, adaptable, and domestic.

The Solar and Lunar Archetypes

The astrological Solar and Lunar types are based on the archetypes (universal images) that the Sun and Moon have come to represent to those living on Earth. The psychological natures of these orbs are based upon their observed physical “behaviors” from a human perspective. It is thought that the Sun is more or less consistent in nature while the Moon has its phases.

Over time the Sun and the Moon has come to represent the male and female genders. And this symbolism has been twisted into incredibly narrow gender roles. Today we are questioning the social effects of these ancient value judgements. We are learning that that each person has a unique Solar and Lunar combination of energies to be sensed and played out accordingly.

Dayology is the part of astrology that is most often left out of discussions, presentations and consultations. It provides us with valuable information as to WHO we really are, WHY we are down here in physical bodies and HOW to get on with the work for which we are designed. And it makes little difference whether we are born in the daylight or moonlight.

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