Astrology and Dayology

There is some question as to the difference between Astrology and Dayology, particularly among those who are unfamiliar with either of these two esoteric disciplines. Put very simply Astrology (the study of the stars) has been practiced throughout the world and in many different ways. Dayology ( the study of the days of the week) is a specialized use of Astrology. The two studies are quite compatible. Astrologers can use Dayology and Dayologists can use Astrology.

The following Dayology delineations focus upon the most important features of each astrological chart. They skip over highly personal material (which is included in horoscopes) and offer insights regarding their public role and life purpose. A certain amount of astrological lingo cannot be avoided. Astrology has its own terminology, just as various sports have words for the rules by which they operate. This is a new Dayology feature and will be enlarged as we go along.

The Chart of Vladimir Putin
The Chart of Tucker Carlson
The Chart of the USA
The Chart of Donald Trump (in preparation)
The Chart of Joe Biden
(in preparation)
The Chart of Volodymyr Zelensky  (in preparation)
The Chart of John Lennon (in preparation)

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