John and Annie Glenn

John Glenn has passed away. His courageous spirit will be missed. It is only natural that the nation is reflecting on the important aspects of John Glenn’s life. Aside from being a pioneering astronaut, dedicated U.S. Senator and unquestioned humanitarian, he also is being remembered as a man who truly loved his wife. Their closeness took place during a time and place when no-one would have been surprised if their marriage had been horribly strained by John’s training as one of the nation’s first seven astronauts. However that was not the case.

This isn’t just a public relations effort. It’s a true story. John and Annie were there for each other from the beginning. They played together as toddlers and they were high school sweethearts. They weren’t externally the most likely twosome. John was athletic and outgoing. Annie was creative and quiet. Here it must be explained that Annie may not have wanted to keep things to herself, but her stuttering halted her self-expression. John supported her continual efforts to overcome her handicap and express herself right until the end of their lives together.

Highschool Sweethearts

A close friend of theirs, Charles Bold, commented on the Glenn bond with these words, “For anyone who’s contemplating marriage, you ought to go to school on the Glenns, because they can teach us a lot about what unending love, with undying respect and admiration for each other means… There was never a question whether Annie was the love of his life.

John Glenn

Annie Glenn

The dynamic of this particular relationship falls into the Dayology pattern of two individuals being  very different from another. They share neither a Day Ray or a Sun Sign. Interestingly this combinations of energies does not guarantee success nor does it deny happiness. It allows two persons to offer something of themselves that their mate may not possess. This pattern can be difficult because requires unselfishness and maturity to relate for the long term.

The signature of John Glenn is doubly ruled by the Moon in Cancer. He has had no difficulty in following through on his enthusiasms and family concerns. The signature of Annie Glenn beautifully energetic and unique. The Tuesday and Aquarius combination made her surprisingly self-reliant and independent. It’s no secret that she spent long periods of time raising their children while John was away. Theirs was a partnership of handling extraordinary challenges.