Sun Sign Professions

In Dayology the Sun Sign represents our OUTER SELVES. Therefore it makes sense that our personal careers, or our fantasies, should capitalize utilize the SUN SIGN energy in some manner.

Here is a list of professions that ancient and modern astrologers have proposed for each of the twelve Sun Signs. Some of these suggestions are entertaining, but others may actually hit the mark. Let us know if your Sun Sign recommendations appeals to you.

Aries Professions –  Adventurer, Athlete, Civil Rights Activist, Cyclist, Diamond Cutter, Director, Emergency Responder, Engineer, Entrepreneur, Fire Fighter, Gangster, Law Enforcer, Iron Worker, Manufacturer, Mechanic, Optician, Physiotherapist, Race Car Driver, Runner, Scientist, Security Guard, Soldier, Sportscaster, Surgeon, Tattoo Artist, Wrestler.

Taurus Professions – Account Manager, Architect, Art Dealer, Banker, Carpenter, Carpet Dealer, Cashier, Coin Collector, Commodities Trader, Cosmetologist,Curator,Dancer, Financial Analyst, Fine Artist, Gourmet Chef, HotelierJeweler, Musician, Organic Farmer, Real Estate Agent, Singer, Textile Designer, Throat-specialist, Truck Driver, Venture Capitalist.

Gemini Professions – Announcer, Author, Bookseller, Bus Driver, Clerk, Communicator, Educator, Engineer, Handwriting Expert, Journalist, Lecturer, Librarian, Linguist, Mail Carrier, Porter, Proofreader, Publisher, Reporter, Salesperson, Secretary, Service Station Owner, Stock Broker,  Talk Show Host, Taxi Driver, Teacher,  Tour Guide, Translator, Travel Agent.

Cancer ProfessionsAgriculturist,  Antiques Dealer, Baker, Caterer, Child Care Worker, Environmentalist, Domestic Worker, Fisherman, Gardener, Grocer, Innkeeper, Housekeeper, Laundromat Owner,  Nursery School Teacher, Nutritionist, Oceanographer, Real Estate Agent, Restaurateur, Sailor, Shopkeeper, Tavern Owner.

Leo Professions – Actor, Card Player, Cardiologist, Circus Performer, Civic Leader, Coach, Corporate Executive, Entertainer, Film Star, Gambler, Motivational Speaker, Musician, Politician, Publicist, Reality TV Star, Salesperson, Socialite, Sports Figure, Stock Broker, Talent Manager, Theater Owner, Video Game Developer,Wild Animal Trainer.

Virgo Professions –  Accountant, Administrator, Butler, Café Owner, Chemist, Civil Servant, Craftsperson, Dairy Owner, Doctor, Healer, Horticulturist, Hygienist, Technical Illustrator, Inspector, Librarian, Mathematician, Military Officer, Pharmacist, Relief Worker, Sanitarian Inspector, Seamstress, Stenographer, Statistician, Tailor, Veterinarian, Waiter.

Libra Professions –Arbitrator, Art Dealer, Attorney, Beautician, Companion, Counselor, Dilettante, Diplomat, Dressmaker, Event Planner, Fashion Designer, Florist, Furniture Maker, Guidance Counselor, Graphic Designer, Host, Human Resource Director, Interior Decorator, Jeweler, Juggler, Mediator, Musician, Negotiator, Receptionist, Socialite.

Scorpio Professions – Bail Bondsmen, Barber, Bill Collector, Brewer, Butcher, Chemist, Dentist, Doctor, Embalmer, Funeral Director, Insurance Agent, Investigator,  Laboratory Technician, Lumberjack, Mobster, Researcher, Paleontologist, Private Investigator, Plastic Surgeon, Pharmacist, Sexologist, Scientist, Sorcerer, Spy, Undertaker, Warrior.

Sagittarius Professions –Advertising Executive,  Airline Server, Barber,  Broadcaster, Editor, Engineer, Explorer, Horse Trainer, Hunter, Importer, International Expert,  Judge,  Philosopher, Military Officer, Minister,  Philanthropist, Pilot, Public Relations Agent, Race Horse  Owner, Radio Operators, Teacher, Theologian, Traveling Salesman, Sportsman.

Capricorn Professions – Business Owner, Carpenter,  Chiropractor, Civil Engineers,  Coal Miner, Contractor, Corporate Executive, Gardener, Excavator, Leather Worker, Industrial Engineer, IT SpecialistsMathematician, Osteopath, Politician, Potter, Rancher, Servant, Stone Mason, Security Officers,  Vocational Counselor, Watchmaker.

Aquarius Professions – Airplane Mechanic, Astrologer, Astronomer,Aviator, Club Member, Computer Programmer, Electrician, Entrepreneur, Inventor, Lecturer, Legislator, Mechanic, Motorcycle Dealer, Nuclear Physicist, Occultist, Pilot, Psychologist, Reformer, Researcher, Scientist, Software Designer, Telecommunication Marketer, X-ray Technician.

Pisces Professions –  Anesthesiologist, Bartender, Charity Worker, Chemist, Clairvoyant, Director of Charitable Organizations, Distiller, Chemical Engineers, Escapist, Filmmaker, Fisherman, Hospital Worker, Monk, Mystic, Nun, Occultist, Writer, Philanthropist, Podiatrist, Poet, Priest, Musician, Relief Worker, Sailor,  Shoemaker, Swimmer.