His Sexting Addiction

What happens when a person in a committed relationship has serious issues that he or she cannot resolve? What is left for their partner to do?

Anthony Weiner and Huma Abedin find themselves in this situation. They married in 2010 while they both political figures. Weiner, after earning a B.A. in political science had served on the New York City Counsel and  as a congressional aid to US Representative Chuck Schumer. From there he was elected US Representative of New York’s 9th Congressional district.  Huma began her career in 1996 working as a White House intern. She was selected to became a personal assistant to Hilary Clinton, then deputy chief of staff to Secretary of State and finally  vice chairwoman for Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign.

Weiner’s personal difficulties came out into the open in May 2011 when he accidentally tweeted a sexually explicit photograph of himself. His surprised response was that his email account had been hacked, but two weeks later Weiner he came clean. As more women appeared with similar photos, Weiner was pressured into resigning from Congress. Hoping that he could be given a second chance, Weiner ran for Mayor of New York City in 2013. His campaign was derailed when a second set of sexting messages sent under the alias “Carlos Danger” came forward.

It was reported that Huma wanted to separate from her husband, but she ended up trying to patch up things up. For a time she rationalized that Weiner had never had an actual affair or physical contact with any of his online contacts. Huma filed for divorce with sole custody of their child this May on the same day her husband pleaded guilty to sexting. with a minor, With this particular offense, Weiner must register as a sex offender as part of his plea deal. He is to be sentenced this September 8th and expects to serve to 27 months behind bars.

Anthony Weiner

Huma Abedin

Jordan Weiner

Anthony Weiner was born on a Friday in Virgo. His INNER ruler is Venus and his OUTER Ruler is Mercury. With the #66 VEN VIR Dayology signature he has the INWARD potential of being a loving individual but OUTWARDLY he may focus on personal imperfections and maintaining standards.  Often males with this signature have personal issues about loving or being loved.

Huma Abedin was born on a Wednesday in Leo. Her Inner Ruler is Mercury and her Outer Ruler is the Sun. INWARDLY she is very bright and OUTWARDLY she is all too aware of social appearances. Huma’s Wednesday Day Ray expresses itself through Mercury and Anthony’s Virgo Sun Sign is ruled by the same planet. Mercury may not express itself as love, but it does create awareness. A sensible working situation is possible if certain Mercury guidelines are followed.

Whatever may happen to Abedin and Weiner, they must care for their child. Jordan is outwardly a Sagittarius who should be able to bounce his way through what is to come. He was also born on a Wednesday, like his mother, thus he INWARDLY shares a certain mental outlook with her. He is also connected OUTWARDLY to his father through Mercury. This particular energy could work out a set of rules and rituals which have the capacity to heal this uncomfortable rift.

UPDATE – After serving 18 months Anthony Weiner was released from prison early in 2018. That same year he and Abedin withdrew their divorce case from court. After spending several months in a halfway house, it was reported that Weiner moved into a separate unit in Abedin’s apartment building. The news is that Weiner no longer lives at this address and that after writing a very revealing book entitled Both/And: A Memoir:  Huma Abedin has decided to “move on.”

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