Getting Things Done

Lots of people think astrology is something that happens up in the sky. Actually it weaves itself throughout our weekday lives, even into our daily tasks.

We all have things to do and are looking for ways to get them done. Some of us clearly are better at accomplishing our daily tasks than others. If you are happy with your current productivity, keep up the good work. If you want to become even more effective, consider Dayology in your attempts to to reset your productivity. It could make all the difference in the world.

Right now the business community is passing around a belief that Tuesday is the most productive day of the week, followed by Monday and Wednesday. It also asserts that most employees are practically worthless on Thursday and Friday. This notion comes from an Accountemps survey taken by business managers. It is clearly is a narrow minded business model, expecting people to do the same thing, the same way, every single day of the work week.  And while business is noticing differences between the days of the week, it does not see the whole picture.

According to Dayology the Universe (in all its forms and levels of consciousness) is continually moving through various phases. Some of these cycles are thousands of years in length and others are as brief as a moment. Here we are only looking at the cycles related to humankind, and particularly the seven day week. Where the number seven is involved, there is usually access to spiritual levels. Humankind has a spiritual nature which is meant to be used.  The seven day week allows us to feel, think and act spiritually.

The Dayology attitude is to set your sails to the prevailing winds. Then sail away! Actually each day of the week is THE BEST DAY for a specific type of thought, feeling and action. We can avoid a great deal of confusion and inefficiency as we work WITH the weekly energies rather than AGAINST them. Basically these energies are as follows:

Monday – A new start. Expect that things must
be reevaluated. Stay fluid.
Tuesday – Time to move. Make the best use of your
tools, equipment or supplies.
Wednesday – Figure out if you are proceeding
in the right direction. Correct errors.
Thursday – Grasp the implications of your work.
Look for new modes of promotion.
Friday – Express appreciation for all contributors.
Open to further guidance.
Saturday – Spend some quiet time alone. Contribute
to something rather serious.
Sunday – Sense your unity with everything. Enjoy
yourself with family or friends.

Dayology holds great potential in the work place, placing individuals in their most productive positions and using the daily energies advantageously. You can read even more about the Nature of Each Day of the Week and  Ways to Experience Each Daily Energy right here on