The subject of this YOU DECIDE! feature is Zena Grey. There are three dates given on the Internet for her day of birth. Help us to determine which one is correct.

Zena Lotus Grey first acted in films at the age of 11.  She was then featured in number of roles in films for youngsters like Snow Day,  Max Keeble’s Big MoveThe Shaggy Dog, and In Good Company. After that Grey appeared as one of the seven hopeless teen-age victims  in My Soul to Take. More recently she showed up on television as Chris Taub’s  pregnant girlfriend, Ruby in Season 7 and 8 of House. While

Despite the fact that Zena Grey enjoyed attention as a child star, it cannot be overlooked that she is the daughter of two exceptional individuals. Her parents are the visionary artists Alex and Allyson Gray. Zena’s childhood was somewhat unusual in that her conception, gestation, birth and infancy were subjects of her father’s artistic efforts. As a teen she was also exposed to the world from a rather unusual vantage point. There are photos of Zena as she attended the psychedelic openings of her parent’s exhibits and mixed with the guests.  She also appeared on a panel with her parents at a  ‘Art, Love, Family & Psychedelics‘ at the Burning Man Festival in 2003. It seems as through she was given an open-minded and compassionate upbringing.

So which Dayology signature belongs to Zena?

There are three dates given on the Internet for her day of birth.

#54 THU VIR        9/15/1988
#07 SUN LIB        9/25/1988
#32 TUE SCO      11/15/1988


This YOU DECIDE! was really difficult.  Zena Grey isn’t quite like any of the other individuals that we have profiled.Generally our subjects are well-known and their lives are well documented. Even though the acting of Zena Grey is included in Wikipedia and listed in the movie data bases, there is little said about her as an individual. Here are two pieces of updated information out there.

“Zena Grey is an actor, artist and editor living in Los Angeles, CA. She has made the study of film a lifelong practice. When she isn’t acting or editing for film & television, she creates her own stop-motion collage animation and experimental video.”

“Actress, Zena Grey, and her partner, Brendt Rioux, the hosts and founder’s of  Cinefamily’s Lost and Found Film Club, treated CoSM to a Puffer Dome screening of “Synesthesia”; their unique collection of rare psychedelic short films from the ’60’s and 70’s. The technicolor journeys portrayed by animation, claymation, and film, were sound tracked by groovy experimental music, and showcased themes of life and death, human nature, the infinite nature of reality, and beyond.”

So Zena Grey has grown up, attended film school, found a partner and created a place in the world for herself. She appears absolutely fulfilled exploring visual imagery and consciousness, all without huge fanfare. Sounds like a happy #32 TUE SCO to me.

UPDATE: It has been pointed out to us that Zena’s true birthdate was published on Alex Grey, her father’s website. So the #32 TUE SCO is correct. A dad, like hers, would know.

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