The Seven Archangels

The Seven Archangels span many religious traditions. These spiritual beings, who hover between mankind and the creator, were said in 1990 to be an endangered species. Yes, angelologist, Malcolm Godwin, stated in his book, Angels, that humans were losing contact with these glorious winged beings. He stated that the seven great angels were no longer being praised in song, depicted in artistic creations or invoked in our daily prayer.

Yet at the same time about 50% of Americans  disclosed that they still “believed” in angels. The disconnect IS that we need new ways to get in touch with these great INNER lights. We need to help these glorious beings get on with their work. Each of these lofty presences has a ministry or unique way of helping creation. They guide all the beings who are willing to assist THEM in achieving their goals and grounding their spiritual qualities on our planet.

Archangels are active everyday of the week but their individual work is celebrated on one specific day of the week. During that twenty-four hour period they pour out their power and blessings to all, but especially to those who were born on their particular day of the week. If implored the Archangels will lift our hearts, illuminate our minds, and prompt us to fulfil the great intention of making Earth a sacred planet, a plan which is surely underway today.

etching by Crispin de Passe

The Archangels for the Seven Day Week

Archangel Michael rules Sunday. He is the greatest of all angels in the Jewish, Christian and Islamic faiths. He embodies the holy virtues of sincerity and trust, often being pictured with a sword. He will administer justice by weighing the souls in the Last Judgement.

Archangel Gabriel rules Monday. He is associated with human reproduction and childbirth. He oversees the natural workings of the lunar calendar. Streams, rivers, lakes and oceans carry his energy. Gabriel stills the emotions and is often depicted carrying a white lily.

Archangel Sammael rules Tuesday.  He was once thought to be the angel of death and the prince of demons. Today he acts as an agent of persistence and courage. Sammael aids us in dealing squarely with our challenges.  He provides us with the model of the noble warrior.

Archangel Raphael rules Wednesday. He works as a healer and attends pilgrimages. He oversee all matters of learning and communication. Raphael gives skill in crafts, business and merchandising. He smiles down on musicians and makers of musical instruments.

Archangel Sachiel rules Thursday. He has a generous nature and a great sense of humor. He pushes for abundance and sees the best in everyone.  Sachiel is the benefactor of  teachers from pre-school to post-graduate. He pushes for an equal playing field for all.

Archangel Anael rules Friday. He is associated with human love and relationships. He inspires those who are artistically creative and working for peace. Annael is a visionary and helps us to overcome our spiritual reservations. He carries our innermost prayers to the heavens.

Archangel Cassiel rules Saturday. He advocates that solitude be taken to simplify our lives. He teaches us to be practical and self-reliant. The interests of Cassiel rest primarily in agriculture, construction, restoration and investments. He works slowly but surely.

Each of us has a special relationship with one of these great angels. Which one of the seven spirits depends upon the day of the week of our birth. The Day Rays of these archangels set our individual spiritual work and the Sun Signs activate it throughout our earthly lifetimes. offers a Signature Calculator which figures out our individual Day Ray and Sun Sign. This sets the stage for one the most important discoveries of our life. Learning our Dayology Signature starts us on the journey INWARD to meet our spirit and OUTWARD to put it’s purpose into to action, all under the loving protection of The Seven Archangels.


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