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Time twins are two people born on exactly the same date (day, month and year). Currently this term is being used to describe a pair of individuals, but in reality each of us has thousands of actual time twins. We aren’t aware of this fact because our time twins are scattered all over the world and we don’t make much of an effort to locate any of them.

It is normal to have all sorts of feelings about time twins. Some people prefer to avoid dealing with anything that challenges their current belief systems. Others are curious about the possibilities that personally meeting or knowing a time twin may offer. And there are some individuals who avidly want to explore the mysteries that the souls of time twins hold.

Dayologists like to study time twins because these “born on the exact same day” pairs have the same Day Ray and Sun Sign. Unless a set of time twins have the same genetic backgrounds, they generally do not physically resemble one another. Still there is always something similar in the personal attitudes, gestures and sometimes even physical stances of any Time Twin set.

It turns out that individuals with the same Dayology signature are similar, but not identical  kinds of people. This statement sounds like a generalization, but Dayology research points in that direction. According to Dayology being born on the same day of the week and in the same sign of the zodiac creates one of the 84 Dayology types, each with a certain life purpose.

When Time Twins meet, they often sense a more intense or intimate dynamic, quite different than they have experienced in their other relationships. This strange feeling comes from having similar inclinations and drives.  Often a greater bond  and a deeper trust is present from early on. Sometimes twins report a feeling of having known each other forever or just waiting to meet up.

Occasionally it happens that time twins marry.  In documented cases these partners say they are very satisfied and couldn’t conceive of living without their twin. Friends and relatives testify that these time twin marriages are happy and enduring. If any time twin partnerships have turned out unfulfilling, these situations have never been reported.

The extraordinary compatibility of Time Twins rests upon having the same type of INNER SELVES, indicating that they share similar spiritual natures. They may not be members of the same faith but they can sense similarly authentic intentions in one another.  And they feel comfortable supporting one another in manifesting their most important goals.

Another aspect of Time Twin compatibility comes from having similar OUTER SELVES. Basically these individuals enjoy the same sorts of activities in life. They also set goals and solve problems in much the same way. Time Twins may express themselves in different professions but they will share many external interests and concerns. And they recognize this in one another.

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