The Sunburst Brooch

Why did this particular piece of jewelry mean so much to U.S. First Lady, Jacqueline Kennedy?

The Sunburst Brooch was one of Jacqueline Kennedy’s favorite fashion accessories. As the story goes in 1972 Jackie was shopping in London with her sister, Lee Radziwill, when she came across this lovely pin in an obviously high end antique store. When she learned that the price was a steep #50,000, Jackie made the owner promise not to let it go. She promptly flew home, made some arrangements and captured her prize. Jackie was photographed wearing this elegant brooch in many everyday and prestigious events during her “reign” as U.S. first lady.

What is so special about this pin? Granted it is exquisitely wrought of precious metals and encrusted with more diamonds than we can count. Surprisingly the price of things did not express the motivations of Jackie Kennedy. Some of her jewelry like her pearls were copies and she was just fine about it. Her choices had more to do with a sense of personal style and living her own myth. The sunburst was the personal symbol of King Louis XiV of France, otherwise known as the Sun King, which happened to be one of Jackie’s favorite periods of history.

Jackie Kennedy Onasis

Jackie Kennedy was born on a Sunday in the sign of Leo. In astrology the Sun is the ruler of Jackie’s Leo sun sign. And according to Dayology the Sun just happens to be the ruler of her Sunday Day Ray. So the sunburst symbol absolutely satisfies Jackie Kennedy’s #05 Dayology Signature. Wearing it as if it was a talisman, she felt that she was being represented INWARDLY and OUTWARDLY. This symbol of a radiant sun apparently meant a great deal to her. It is also found at the motif of the Hermes Zodiac Scarf which she often wore when she was out and about. She donned this “babushka” even though it was not the least bit fashionable at the time.

The jewelry collection of Jacqueline Kennedy was auctioned off in 2010, but Caroline Kennedy remains the owner of the Sunburst Brooch. Both of these fashion items, the pin and the scarf, have been reproduced for sale. The Sunburst Brooch was replicated by Camrose & Kross and offered in the Jacqueline Kennedy Collection. It is now discontinued but sometimes can be found on various  resale sites. Copies of the Hermes Zodiac scarf is available at Mrs. Culture, the Kennedy Center Gift Shop and is occasionally offered on QVC shopping channel.

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