This Changes Everything!

Micheal Cohen pleads guilty and implicates President Trump in far more than hush payments.

After so many months with the news monopolized by the rants of Donald Trump, it’s  absolutely refreshing to feel that the tide may have turned. The bluster of the president is noticeably absent as he considers the necessity to protect himself and his family. The news media is now more positive regarding the state of the nation. They can now report the dire situations that President Trump is attempting to keep hidden and how the nation is handling the revelations.

Hopefully this selfish act of squealing will do more than save the skin of one shady figure. It could unveil the practices being used by those who cut financial corners and profit personally from politics. Still it is not clear how the other two arms, legislative and judicial, will deal with the charges which may soon be leveled against the president. Still when Democracy is practiced, the average U.S. citizen has expectations that big problems will be ironed out in the open.

When we look back on this period of time it will be apparent it was the guilty plea of Micheal Cohen that changed history. Who would have thought a guy who would “take a bullet” for the president would be a guy who “taped” all his transactions with Trump?  Cohen’s change of heart  of “simply telling the truth” was no doubt prompted by the good council of his new attorney, Lanny Davis.  Dayology reveals they have an excellent relationship and one that in setting things straight will benefit everyone.

Michael Cohen

Lanny Davis

Micheal Cohen was born on a Thursday in the sign of Virgo. Jupiter, the planet of expansion, rules his INNER self. His spiritual gifts include a knack for recognizing opportunities.  Mercury rules Cohen’s Virgo OUTER self, gives him the capacity for discernment if he cared to employ it.  It appears that while he was careful in making tapes, he performed many tasks of a questionable nature. From here on out, it feels as if the moral caliber of his life may surface.

Lanny Davis was born on Wednesday in the Sign of Sagittarius. Mercury, the planet of communication, rules his INNER self. His purpose of life is to examine and explain whatever he may choose to focus his personal attention. Jupiter, the planet of optimism, represents his OUTER self  in the everyday world.  It colors his attitude toward his physical plane activities. He has the rare ability to see the larger picture and deliver facts positively.

Micheal Cohen could not have found better legal representation than Lanny Davis. They are a perfect match. The signatures of these two individuals form a rare astrological configuration called a MUTUAL RECEPTION.  Jupiter rules the Thursday Day Ray of Cohen and the Sun Sign of Davis. Mercury rules the Wednesday Day Ray of  Davis and the Sun Sign of Cohen. The fates of these two public figures are now inextricably interwoven. In a very real sense Davis will do everything in his power to defend Cohen and there is no advice given that Cohen does not accept. Cohen has found the perfect guide through the labyrinth that he must traverse to obtain some peace of mind.  Davis has found another cause to which he can dedicate his effort.