One definition of polarity is the state of having opposite tendencies. And all living beings on this planet have contradictory sides to their nature. Sometimes we very much desire one thing and then we grow tired and yearn for something else. Our polarity has switched and it will switch back and forth throughout our lives. It appears to be the nature of experience on this planet to learn important lessons from the polarities within ourselves and our relationships.

Out in the world we notice that some individuals reach out as Originators. Others step back to perform the important work as Actualizers.  Originators are necessary to get things started, but they are useless without the work of actualizers. Actualizers don’t get anywhere without being sparked into action. Polarity is an essential dynamic found working in relationships. Pairs and members of groups settle into the dynamic/receptive polarity patterns of their Dayology signatures. Only the most enlightened individuals can  operate beyond this magnetically charged matrix.

Astrological Polarity is determined by the qualities of the twelve Sun Signs. Six signs are assigned the nature of positive, masculine, or active. The other six are given the quality of negative, feminine, or passive, Dayology purposely uses the two terms dynamic and receptive for these two expressions of polarity. This avoids any inappropriate gender assignments and social labels, suiting the growing human consciousness of this time.

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