Monday Resolutions

Health experts are advising that we use Mondays to set and reset our daily habits.

Why go through the same old pattern of announcing our intentions each year to change our personal behavior and then facing the inevitable failure that usually follows? Frankly it’s the rare individual who can just switch personal  habits overnight or achieve substantial goals without support. This is equally true if we are trying to save money or lose weight.

Have you heard about the The Monday Campaign?  This innovative program dedicates the first day of the every week to achieving healthy objectives. People view Monday as a day for a fresh start and are more likely to start diets and exercise regimes, quit smoking and schedule doctor’s appointments than any other day of the week. The Monday Campaign offers a wide range of creative services and a useful newsletter.  President Peggy Neu states “New Year’s only comes around once per year, but Mondays come every seven days. You basically get 52 chances a year to stay on track.”

Peggy Neu isn’t the only health professional promoting this Monday initiative. Joanna Cohen, the director of the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health Institute asserts “For most people, it takes multiple tries to actually quit (smoking) for good. But there’s a lot of self-learning that happens each time you try. With a weekly cue, you get to try again more often and learn more quickly and hopefully be more successful sooner, versus only trying to quit on New Year’s Day,”  She adds, “Monday can be thought of as the New Year’s of the week — a time to refresh and put our past bad deeds behind us and try and do better in the coming week.

Here at we aren’t surprised to learn that Monday is the day that people try to make constructive changes in their schedules. Monday is the most healing day of the week because it is ruled by the soothing, nurturing Moon. While you must be strongly motivated to make big changes it is also important that you also remain flexible.


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