SITEMAP – Good Vibrations

Some things feel naturally good and we know it when we experience them. Other things just seem wrong. It’s important to determine what works for us individually, because we may have deep needs that others do not share or understand. And of course, it’s always worth the effort to be remain open to new things. The quality of our lives depend upon our decisions.

Most often we judge something’s worth by how good or bad it feels. It’s easy to say that some experience is positive because it took very little effort. When when a particular event is difficult it is only after we have gotten through it, that we realize that it was actually helpful or positive in some manner. In time we can change our habits of judging and appreciating our experiences.

Good health is promoted by a positive flow of energy through not only through every part of our bodies, but also through our many levels of consciousness. Healthy individuals are surrounded by good vibrations. The following Dayology features deal with positive attitudes and health:

8/4/2023 – How Old is Too Old?
04/24/2022 – World Central Kitchen
8/12/2022 – Jon Stewart’s Advocacy
5/9/2022 – One Million Deaths
1/22/2022 – Long Haulers
12/20/2021 – His Life on the Line
11/7/2021 – Mark Twain’s Bad Habit
9/26/2021 – You Are What You Eat
8/8/2021 – How Does He Do It?
7/15/2020 – Fauci Under Attack
8/30/2019 – Those Extra Pounds

7/7/2019 – The Healthiest Day
10/3/2018 – As the Stars Decree
7/11/2018 – Better Choices
3/29/2018 – Daily Fragrances
12/18/2017 – Yoga Every Day
8/29/2017 – Daily Gemstones
7/16/2017 – Rest and Recharge
5/16/2017 – Sun Sign Health
5/10/2017 – Little Billy Kimmel
5/4/2017 – It’s Synesthesia
10/22/2016 – The Dayology Week

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