The Dayology Week

As we learn more about the Seven Days of the Week we discover that certain activities work better with the energies of one day and with not the others. Each day is ruled by the Sun, Moon or one of the planets, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter or Saturn. Here’s the general pattern:

The Days of the Week

On Sunday we take a break from the daily grind and move inward to the core of our being. This one-day retreat can be spent alone or as quality time with close associates. Actually the Sun blesses any activity that connects us with our Source, like lofty contemplation, peaceful meditation or the attendance of religious services. A leisurely walk in a natural setting can achieve the same outcome. Our major problem on Sunday is shifting gears from Saturday and back to Monday. We find it difficult to actually disengage and then buckle up again for work. Whatever activities we perform on Sundays, let them still our physical body, calm our mind and refresh out spirit.
On Monday we enter a fresh cycle of activity. We find ourselves responding to the demands of the new week, as well as attending to unfinished matters for the week before. The Moon oversees tasks that are performed on a regular basis and executed with only minor variations. These small duties are discharged in response to practical necessity and ask for flexibility in our emotional outlook. The major challenge of Monday is an irrational moodiness or restlessness which pervades the day and can only be reduced by calmness. At the end of Monday we may have done a little of this and that, but if have been open and responsive, our situation will be greatly improved.
On Tuesday we are prompted to act. What we do is not so important as long as we stay active. If there are physical object that need to be transported from place to place, this is the time to move them. Mars is not one to shy away from hard work, Difficult  challenges are easily accepted and all assignments should be approached in that light. When facing conflicts, we should deal with the problems rather than attack the people. Our major problem on Tuesday is that we get excited about certain things and irritated by others. Impatience must be checked because it leads to antagonism and violence. Keep in mind that in working together, a group achieves far more than one person alone.
On Wednesday we have reached the middle of the work seek. It is time to evaluate our progress and make the necessary adjustments that will push us toward our goals. In some cases this assessment requires analysis, but in most instances, a simple observation will do the trick. Mercury is the divine messenger all forms of communication rule the day. Our major problem on Wednesday is that we may be untruthful about the condition of a situation. We might cover up something that isn’t quite right or remain silent about specific issues that need resolution. It would be of great benefit to remind ourselves that our personal character is shaped by our daily thought, speech and action.
On Thursday we view the larger picture. We are over the hump and the end of the work week is in sight. It is time to take stock of all that has been accomplished and attend to the finishing details. Jupiter wants things done right, especially concerning the final points of promotion and presentation. If anything submitted for our approval seems substandard, damaged or inequitable, we should consult the advice of the appropriate professionals. Our major problem on Thursday is that we may promise more than we can deliver because the grandiose has a compelling appeal. Still, its a wonderful day to survey our kingdoms and look after the needs of those who are not as fortunate as ourselves.
On Friday we end the work week. Ideally we have completed our duties but one last burst of energy may be needed to finish up the tasks. Our major problem on Friday is that we feel more like socializing than knuckling down to work. If we cannot accomplish our goals, then we can attempt to tie up loose ends. Before we set off for the weekend, we should thank anyone who has provided assistance and give credit to those who have exceeded our expectations. When you offer our appreciation to an associate, we have increased the number of people in our network. Keep in mind that how we function with people is just as critical to our overall success as
On Saturday we evaluate our personal situation and attend to matters that are holding us back in some way. We may be off from work, but we probably face a list of things that require our attention. Anything that is broken could be fixed or taken to where it can be repaired. We can also stock up on the household items of which we are short. Our major problem on Saturday is maintaining our stamina throughout the day. Saturn challenges our limits to the point of exhaustion. This is a great day for outdoor activities requiring strength and endurance. Some people use the Saturday energy for facing the imperfections in their personal character and making the proper amends.

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