Spiritual Alchemy

Everyone wants to get the most they can from life.

The secret to improving our lives comes from improving ourselves. It’s not done  necessarily through moving to new places and purchasing new things. True and lasting self-upgrades are achieved through our efforts to transmute our personal qualities into their higher states. In Dayology this upgrading process is called OUTER alchemy.

It is our Sun Sign that determines the nature of our external self. How we use these OUTER energies is our choice. As we squarely face our OUTER challenges, we learn more about ourselves and become more valuable to the world. When we short-change these challenges we may feel as if we have gotten away with something but we are actually cheating ourselves. We aren’t living up to our OUTER potential.

The following table lists the common qualities of the Zodiac Signs. First are the negative qualities or misunderstandings we have of the inherent energies. Second are the positive qualities or higher methods of using these same energies. Every negative quality can be positively transmuted with effort. you can count on that.


Negative – Argumentative, Belligerent, Blundering,  Challenging, Combative,  Dangerous, Destructive,  Foolhardy, Headstrong, Heedless, Impetuous, Imprudent, Impulsive,  Intolerant, Inconsiderate, Outspoken, Rash, Reckless, Zealous.
Positive – Assertive, Bold, Brave, Capable, Confident, Decisive, Enterprising, Fearless, Frank, Idealistic,  Independent, Initiating, Inspirational, Pioneering, Quick-thinking, Resolute, Resourceful, Self-reliant, Sincere, Smart, Straightforward, Vital.


Negative – Docile,  Dogmatic, Earthy, Lazy, Obstinate, Materialistic, Pleasure-loving, Possessive, Sensual, Stuck, Sullen, Unyielding.
Positive – Accepting, Affectionate, Conservative, Determined,  Healing, Loving, Loyal, Patient, Practical, Reliable, Refined, Serene, Stable.


Negative –  Bothersome, Changeable, Clever, Excitable,  Irritable, Nervous, Quick, Restless, Split, Talkative, Undependable.
Positive – Agile, Communicative, Curious, Dexterous, Experimental, Friendly, Ingenious, Intuitive, Kind, Intellectual, Literary, Mechanical, Smart, Visual.


Negative – Changeable, Emotional. Impatient, Impressionable, Pushy, Tenacious.
Positive – Adaptable, Conscientious, Domestic, Economical, Frugal, Nurturing, Persistent, Psychic, Receptive, Sympathetic, Tender,


Negative – Ambitious, Attention Seeking, Authoritative, Controlling, Impulsive,  Wasteful.
Positive –  Ardent, Charitable, Commanding, Determined, Faithful,  Forgiving, Honorable, Hopeful, Generous,  Loyal, Noble, Optimist, Powerful, Sincere.


Negative – Anxious, Critical, Judgmental, Narrow, Nervous, Tedious, Shrewd, Worrisome, Undecided.
Positive – Analytic, Careful, Detailed, Discriminating, Helpful, Retiring, Modest, Patient, Prudent, Tactful, Thoughtful.


Negative – Dependent, Dissatisfied, Indecisive, Flirtatious, Lazy, Overly-Romantic, Placating, Seductive, Selfish, Superficial. Vain, Unreliable.
Positive – Affectionate, Attractive, Amusing, Artistic, Courteous, Cooperative, Diplomatic, Fair, Humane, Loving, Supportive, Talented.


Negative – Aggressive, Dark, Hidden, Resentful, Quick-witted,Sarcastic, Scheming,  Secretive, Suspicious, Skeptical, Treacherous.
Positive – Cryptic, Determined, Firm, Gritty, Heroic, Investigative,  Mediating, Questioning, Reserved, Strategic,  Staunch, Subtle, Tenacious.


Negative – Blunt, Careless, Exaggerated, Fancy free, High Strung, Irresponsible, Speculative, Dishonest, Outspoken.
Positive – Adventurous, Enterprising, Frank, Freedom-loving, Good Humored, Honest, Humane, Intuitive, Introspective, Philosophical, Progressive, Prophetic, Sincere.


Negative – Calculating, Callous, Cold, Cruel, Depressed, Disappointed, Melancholic, Ruthless, Silent, Unforgiving, Unsympathetic, Willful,
Positive – Capable, Dependable, Determined, Persistent, Persevering, Political, Practical, Organized, Result-Oriented, Self-Reliant, Steady.


Negative – Aloof, Detached, Eccentric, Erratic, Extreme, Out-of-Touch, Radical, Revolutionary, Stubborn, Unconventional, Unpredictable.
Positive – Friendly, Humanitarian, Independent, Intellectual, ingenious, Inventive, Open-minded, Reasonable, Unique, Versatile.


Negative – Confused, Deceptive, Disorganized, Escapist, Overly-Sensitive, Pessimistic, Procrastinating, Vague, Weak-willed.
Positive – Charitable, Compassionate, Creative, Generous, Inspired, Imaginative, Kind, Peace-Loving. Selfless, Sympathetic.


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