Time Twin Friends

It’s a sweet story of a relationship between two elderly women. Alice Ruter and Elsie Kopel became the dearest of friends and all because they were time twins.

In 2016 Alice and Elsie were residing in different nursing homes in the same city, Cedar Falls, Iowa. In the local newspaper it was reported in separate announcements that each had recently celebrated her one-hundred and fifth birthday. And to the amazement of all, they shared the exact same birth date.

Birthday cards were exchanged and a meeting was arranged. The two women obviously liked one another because a second get-together was scheduled and filmed on July 26, 2016. In it Alice and Elsie are in wheel-chairs sharing the details of their long lives. Apparently they were born and grew up in the same county.

The most noticeable element of the second meeting was the mental clarity of these two centenarians. Not only did they answer questions and relate their personal experiences, they joked about not fitting into this changing world. It was clear that they both felt that they had lived uneventful but purposeful lives.

After having only known of each other’s existence several months at one point in their conversation, Alice told Elsie “It seemed like I’ve known you for a long time,” A timeless familiarity is a common feeling shared by many time twins. This inexpressible state may come from having the same guiding stars. And why not?

Within the next year both of these lovely women passed away. Elsie Kopal died on November 20, 2017 and Alice Ruter made her transition  on December 27, 2017. Wherever they are now, let’s hope they are enjoying themselves and stay in contact.

Elsie Kopel

Alice Ruter

Elsie and Alice have the same #01 SUN ARI Dayology Signature because they share birth dates. Sunday is their Day Ray and Aries is their Sun Sign. Women with this signature are particular independent in thought and action. Both worked in their early years.

While the details their lives differed, there is a pattern of similar experiences. Alice did not marry but joined her brother to run the family farm. Elsie married happily but late. She learned to play golf and continued with it up into her seventies. Both outlived their closest relationships and neither had children.

Actually the fact that Elsie and Alice lived beyond one-hundred years of life is not a great surprise. There is no better signature than #01 for fully living life. Together this Sun Sign and Day Ray bestows clear minds and energetic bodies. Even in their last years these women were alert and up for adventures.

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