The Facts Don’t Lie

The Trump Impeachment Inquiries are finishing up. This is the fourth time that the impeachment of a U.S. President has been attempted. Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton, were acquitted after trials in the Senate, and Richard Nixon resigned to avoid being impeached in the Watergate scandal. Our set of hearings went smoothly under the direction of Adam Schiff and Devin Nunes.

Adam Schiff, U.S. House Intelligence Committee Chairman, Adam Schiff, Trump’s impeachment trial would be as soon as possible. He has stated  “All of us are aware of the historical significance of what’s going on, of what it means to the country,” he says. “We’re determined to do our very best to bring out the facts.”  These “facts” are piling up as one witness is followed by the next. The “facts” are allowing us to understand the president’s motivation to serve his political interests, rather than our nation’s security.

Devin Nunes, the ranking member of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, is not all that concerned with the facts. He is for all intents and purposes, defending the interests of President Trump and all his cohorts. Nunes accused the Democrats of attempting to “topple” Trump before the 2020 elections. He stated “These hearings are not designed to uncover new information, they’re meant to showcase a handpicked group of witnesses who the Democrats determined, through their secret audition process, will provide testimony most conducive to their accusations.”

Yes, it looks as if President Trump will be impeached, but there is a good chance he may be acquitted in the following Senate impeachment trial. That outcome would permit Trump to be re-elected in the 2020 election were it the will of the American electorate. Let us just hope that the American people give some thoughts to the facts that are being revealed publicly.

The Dayology Analysis

Adam Schiff

Devin Nunes

Donald J. Trump

Here on the we inquire into the energies present in just about any situation. These congressional hearings can help us to understand how the Grand Tapestry is being composed with every experience that occurs on Earth. In a very real sense we are caught in a global  crisis between the defenders of truth and the designers of deception. As long as we face the facts, it doesn’t take much to figure out who is who. The facts don’t lie.

Upon first inspection it is clear that the president and these two legislators have very different signatures and life purposes. Further investigation shows that there is a solid and interlocking relationship between the rulers of these three political figures. The Planetary Rulerships reveal the underlying planetary energies at work in the Dayology signatures.

Donald Trump was born on Friday in the zodiac sign of Gemini. His INNER ruler is Venus while Mercury directs his OUTER life. Trump’s #63 signature offers the capacity for great creativeness and communication.  So it’s clear that Trump’s problematic behavior is due to the misuse of his abilities.
Adam Schiff was born on Wednesday in the zodiac sign of Cancer. His INNER ruler is Mercury and his OUTER life is ruled by the Moon. Signature #40 creates the qualities of mental brilliance and emotional flexibility. The political career of Schiff exemplifies the development of awareness and persistence.
Devin Nunes was born on Monday in the zodiac sign of Libra. His INNER ruler is the Moon and Venus sets the tone for his OUTER life. Signature #19 is drawn to experiences that contrasts differences. These energies give a compliant nature which alternates between defensiveness or aggressiveness.


Adam Schiff#40 WED CANMERMON
Donald Trump#63 FRI GEMVENMER
Devin Nunes#19 MON LIBMONVEN

When comparing relationships of two or more individuals it makes
sense to create a table of Planetary Rulerships. It will display the
types of planetary energy and the manner in which they flow.
Schiff and Nunes share a Moon rulership in their signatures. This means that both are aware of public impressions. This is a much stronger issue for Nunes than Schiff.  Nunes should be try and be less vindictive but that seems pretty unlikely at this time.
Nunes and Trump both exhibit touchy feelings indicated by a Venus rulership. They react strongly and favorably regarding the ideas, people, and things they value.  They might be prone to dismiss anything that seems not to have personal worth to them.
Schiff and Trump are both very keen on communicating their interests. Mercury allows Trump to express whatever comes across his mind, most of which he has overheard in other conversations. Schiff operates carefully, weighing and measuring his conclusions.

In conclusion we could not find a better pair to examine the President’s past behavior. Both sides of Trump’s nature were represented in the Planetary Rulerships of his examiner and defender. Nunes is expressing the “Venus” desires of Trump’s INNER nature and Schiff decoded his OUTER “Mercury” messages.” All we can say is let the truth lead the way. The facts don’t lie.

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