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This morning Nicolle Wallace co-hosted the Opening of the Impeachment of President Donald Trump. She and her MSNBC onscreen partner, Brian Williams, were the perfect examples of respectful formality as this rare national ritual unfolded. The chief justice was sworn in as the presiding officer and then he applied the oath to act with “impartial justice” to the 100 U.S. Senators who will be the jurors in this solemn and historic trial.

During the slower moments of the television coverage these two tried and tested newscasters pondered the directions that the trial might proceed. They discussed the fact that rules of this particular impeachment have yet to be established. A majority of fifty-one Senators will steer the trial’s direction at every step. Williams and Wallace also pondered the effect of the approaching 2020 election on the Republican position  on Republican politics. Right now it appears that Republicans see their role as to hold on to their seats, rather than to serve their constituents.

Nicolle Wallace served in the George W. Bush White House as his communications director and top adviser to Senator John McCain in his 2008 presidential campaign, so she naturally understands what is going on in our nation’s capitol. At the moment she is quite  disillusioned by the Republican party and says as much in every broadcast. The Business Insider has stated “Her transformation from a top GOP political operative to a strident critic symbolizes the party’s rightward shift, and the many who no longer feel welcome in its ranks.”

Overall Wallace is particularly tough on Trump Republicans because they are holding President Trump and partisan politics above The Constitution and natural patriotism. Today she stated with dismay during the Impeachment Coverage that most of the Republican Senators are walking around in a “zombie like trance.”  What on Earth will she have to say this afternoon on her own show Deadline: White House? We’ll have to tune in and hear it for ourselves.

February 4, 1972
Nicolle Wallace

Nicolle Wallace was born on a Friday in the sign of Aquarius. Venus is her INNER ruler Venus and either Saturn or Uranus acts as her OUTER ruler. Together these three planetary influences combine to form the uniquely individualist #71 FRI AQU Dayology signature.

Being Friday’s child Nicolle is kind and compassionate at heart. Actually it is her Venus INNER ruler that has kept her from evolving into a political hack or a hard-boiled news hound. Her natural femininity shows through her public roles as a lovely woman and an adamant feminist.

Nicolle is clearly different from many newscasters.  She has real political experience. She is the handler who refused to work with the Republican vice presidential choice, Sarah Palin. She’s the conservative panel member of The View, who called candidate, Donald Trump, a clown.

It is her Aquarius Sun Sign that gives Nicolle the strength to stand up for her values and play it the way she sees it. Aquarians reflect the qualities of one of its rulers, Saturn, the traditional ruler, or Uranus, the modern ruler. Saturn is serious and Uranus imparts unconventionality. 

Nicolle is both disciplined and unconventional.  These two Aquarian energies, Saturn and Uranus, do not always reside so easily side by side in one personality, but Nicolle Wallace manages them beautifully. Her laughter channels Uranus with social awareness and creative growth.  

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