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Just as President Trump tweets “OPEN THE SCHOOLS!!” his youngest son’s private school announces it is proceeding with a virtual-learning only plan. The school has chosen to closely following the guidance of an order sent Friday by the Montgomery County health department. Maryland Governor Larry Hogan had previously issued an emergency ruling that it was up to individual private schools to determine when and how they felt they should open.

The first son will be interacting with his ninth grade teachers and classmates via computer. Children raised in the White House have fewer options than other kids. Their safety is of the highest concern. Back in 2017 the decision was made as to where Barron would receive his schooling. His mother stated ” We are very excited for our son to attend St. Andrew’s Episcopal School. It is known for its diverse community and commitment to academic excellence,”

Before moving to Washington D.C. Barron attended Columbia Grammar and Preparatory school. the oldest nonsectarian independent school in New York City. His mother delayed joining her husband at the White House so as to not to “interrupt” Barron’s education. We learn later that she was intent on renegotiating her prenuptial agreement while she had an upper hand. We are told she was not only looking out for herself, but also the financial interests of their son.

Barren is the only child of Donald and Melania Trump, He has four step-brothers and sisters from his father’s previous two marriages. They are now all adults and have set in stone their particular relationships with their father. It is generally thought that Ivanka is the golden child in her father’s eyes. Tiffany has a popular “niche” presence on Instagram. The Trump boys, Eric and Donald Jr. appear stunningly dull but supposedly they are running the Trump family business.

While Barron is often seen coming and going with his parents, very little is known about his life. According to his mother he isn’t involved with social media but is “wild” about sports. His father had a difficult time letting his son play school sports, football in particular. Providing Barron with a safe and structured, private life is precisely the way that “first children” are raised.




The individual signatures of Donald and Melania Trump have been examined in a number of Dayology features so we will simply look at Barron’s signature and how it works with those of his parents. Barron Trump was born on a Monday in the zodiac sign of Pisces. This makes the Moon the ruler of his INNER Self and Jupiter acts as the ruler of the OUTER self. The #24 MON PIS Dayology signature produces a soft person who is fortunate, however impressionable.

Whenever the signature of a Monday’s Child’s is examined, it is wise to check the zodiac sign of the subject’s Moon in an Ephemeris. The Moon’s nature is translucent and tends to be colored by other influences. In this case the Moon (and Jupiter too) are located in the sign of Scorpio, so Mars adds an intense streak to the character of this child. This influence provides an extra shot of passion for achieving personal goals. It also can create resentments if his expectations are too high or if he feels that he is subjected to unfair treatment.

Dayology determines that Barron has closer ties to his mother than his father. As a #02 SUN TAU type Melania is a earthy, caring and strong individual to Barron’s #24 MON PIS highly sensitive identity, Her Sun and his Moon signify a strong emotional bond. It was disclosed In a Redbook feature that Melania chose not to use nannies in Barron’s upbringing. The effect of his father’s #63 FRI GEM signature in not clear considering the negative character deviations that Trump expresses, It may amount to a personal offering of indulgence, inducements and instruction.

The Trumps have different parenting styles.

Little is known about Baron’s childhood. In the same Redbook feature Melania described her young son as being very creative. “His imagination is growing and important. He draws on the walls in his playroom, we can paint it over.” She disclosed that he covered the carpets with entire Lego cities and airports. All this reflects the potential of his nature. The type of discipline, if any, to which he may have been subjected was never mentioned. We do know that one entire floor of the Trump Tower penthouse was given over to their child,

No matter what happens to Barron, he is a Trump, making it difficult for him to live-up to his dad’s legacy of accomplishments and face down his moral failures. Hopefully Barron’s personal qualities of sensitivity, benevolence and courage serve him throughout his life.

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