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Just as The Vow finishes up its six weeks on HBO, Seduced begins on Stars.

Both productions reveal the motivations of the people involved in the NEXIUM cult. The difference between these two accounts is that Seduced is being told by an actual victim who was brainwashed, starved and raped, while The Vow introduces us to the people who allowed these act to be carried out. The coaches and instructors claim they were also victims while they moved through the ranks, earning royalties and having a good time. They are so sorry now.

The Vow provided the explanations of those who were pulled into NEXIVM believing what they were doing a good thing, Self-empowerment was the answer to every problem. After all NEXIUM was the self-help program that was working for heiresses, Hollywood actors and powerful CEOs. Even the Dalai Lama spoke at an event sponsored by their organization. To be fair His Holiness praised the group for its work on global ethics, but asked for an investigation of the strange allegations that were arising from their spiritual practices. The truth needs to be told.

India Oxenberg is the
spokesperson of Seduced

Seduced reveals the harm that occurred from NEXIVM’s insidious efforts to control the minds and bodies of its followers. In the first two episodes India Oxenberg relates how she and her mother, the actress Catherine Oxenberg, were welcomed into the NEXIUM organization and then split apart. India explains that at nineteen she was unsure of how to achieve her professional goals and The Executive Success Program seemed to have all the answers. It wasn’t long before Catherine noticed the drastic changes occurring in her daughter’s personality and decided to do whatever she could to remove India from this dire influence.

Now several years after the NEXIVM trial we understand this organization was a dangerous cult originated by Keith Raniere and Nancy Salzman. Much of this background is explained in the previous Dayology feature The Vow. Our purpose of continuing to recreate this complicated cast of characters is to not to condemn the cult members but to illustrate that Dayology has the capacity to examine a situation that we would never want to see repeated.

What was THE VOW taken by Raniere’s victims?

Why did these women allow themselves to be physically branded?





The first fact is that three of these individuals were born on Friday and have Venus as their INNER ruler. This gives them all an attraction to the lighter and more beautiful side of life, but it does not determine how they may act regarding this energy. The second important piece of information is that two of these people share the exact signature. A same signature relationship is an unusual occurrence since there are 84 different Dayology signatures. Often this combination lends to an understanding of one another one; it can mean that one is on to the tricks of the other. Finally one person has no Dayology connections to the other three and exists with some freedom.

Catherine Oxenberg was born on Friday in the zodiac sign of Virgo. Venus rules her INNER Self and Mercury acts as ruler of her OUTER Self. As exquisitely beautiful as Catherine may be, she is very particular and prone to anxiety. Having the same #66 FRI VIR Dayology signature as Raniere means that she could easily “sense” the basic irregularities of the NEXIVM cult.

India Oxenberg was born on Friday in the zodiac sign of Gemini. She and Raniere shared the Friday Day Ray meaning they had similar INNER values. She may have represented pure beauty to him. She probably admired his mind because they both had Mercury ruled OUTER selves. It seemed that he “clarified” her own thinking because Virgo is more precise than Gemini. Finally Raniere gained India’s trust because he possessed her mother’s #66 FRI VIR signature.

Keith Raniere was born on Friday in the zodiac sign of Virgo. Men with the #66 VEN VIR signature are often “hung up” about women. Either they feel they can’t measure up or they yearn to control them. Raniere’s relationship India’s mother was extremely toxic. He originated the rumours that Catherine was a psychopath and she was poisoning everyone’s mind.

Allison Mack was born on Thursday in the sign of Leo. Jupiter rules her INNER Self and the rulership of her OUTER self is given to the Sun. The general impression of the #53 THU LEO Dayology signature is one of being bright and breezy. Her lack of connections to the other three may have allowed her respond to only what she considered her own best interests.

What was THE VOW taken by Raniere’s victims?

Why did these women allow themselves to be physically branded?

UPDATE – Keith Raniere was convicted of racketeering, sexual exploitation of a child and sex trafficking. He was given a sentence of 120 years behind bars and a fine of $1, 750, 000. “Keith Raniere will not be able to victimize people anymore after today’s sentence and we’re very grateful for that,” said Seth DuCharme, Acting U.S. Attorney for Eastern District of New York.

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