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Last week HBO Max announced that Sex and the City is returning as a limited series. The update will be called And Just Like That! The cast is confirmed to include Sarah Jessica Parker, Kristin Davis and Cynthia Nixon, but not Kim Cattrell this time around. The following profiles are presented to refresh your memory or introduce you to the original four stars.

Carry Bradshaw, Miranda Hobbs, Charlotte York, Samantha Jones

Supposedly the Sex and the City Revival catches us up to the current lives of three of these four individuals. The general idea is like wondering what happened to your high school classmates and discovering how everyone was “swept up” by the “attitudes” of the times. These people have have only changed by getting older. Perhaps Kim Cattrall and other cast members were smart to bow out rather than be “swept up” again. Frankly the revival concept sounds pretty dull since most of the show’s characters are showing up in their late fifties with twenty-year old children. The script writers will definitely face a challenge of making middle age interesting.

What is not dull to this Dayologist is the connection between an actor and the character that is portrayed. It is common to confuse these two identities because so often they are alike. The question is if actors are chosen for a role because of their personal qualities or if over time these “artificial personas” develop dimensionality from the people who act out the parts. Let take a closer look at the talented actors who created the four original Sex in the City women.

Sarah J. Parker
Carrie Bradshaw

Cynthia Nixon
 Miranda Hobbes

Kristin Davis
Charlotte York

Kim Cattrall
Sammy Jones

Sarah Jessica Parker was born on a Thursday in the zodiac sign of Aries. This makes Jupiter the ruler of her INNER self with Mars governing her OUTER self. The #49 THU ARI individual is invariably an optimist and impulsive by nature. Parker also has expensive tastes like Bradshaw, the character she plays. Bradshaw rushes into situations without regard to the results but makes the best of things until she gets what she wants. Parker does not appear to be as reckless in her personal behavior probably because she is conscious of her appearance.

Cynthia Nixon was born on a Saturday in the zodiac sign of Aries. This makes Saturn the ruler of her INNER Self and gives the rulership of her OUTER self to Mars. The #73 SAT ARI individual can be very hard on themselves when they make mistakes. Nixon like Hobbes, the character she plays, is serious by nature and must be in a trusting relationship to be happy. Both Nixon and Hobbes are definitely supportive to friends and family. Nixon is a bit more daring. She actually ran for a high public office, an action that Hobbs probably would not have taken.

Kristen Davis was born on a Wednesday in the zodiac sign of Pisces. This make Mercury the ruler of her INNER Self and gives Jupiter or Neptune rulership of her OUTER Self. People with the #48 Dayology Signature are bright but often drifty concerning expectations. The naturally fluidic style of both Davis and York makes it easy for them to identify with worthy causes and acting with compassion. Davis may have in her life experienced more difficult situations than her character could have actually handled, but maybe that is underestimating York.

Kim Cattrall was born on a Tuesday in the zodiac sign of Leo. Mars is the ruler of her INNER self and the Sun governs her OUTER Self. Those with the #29 TUE LEO Dayology signature have strong feelings both positively and negatively. Cattrall like Jones, the character that she plays, craves excitement and can be very entertaining when she wants to be. Both women act in their own interests going after what they want. Cattrall like Jones, also knows what she doesn’t want and is inclined not to allow people’s judgements to bother her or affect her decisions.

The dynamics of this group is fairly easy to figure out. Kristin Davis doesn’t offend anyone and is appreciated for her gentleness. Having no particular similarities or differences with the others, she might be the most free of all. The strongest bond within the group occurs between the two with the same Aries Sun Sign, Sarah Jessica Parker and Cynthia Nixon. Still due to their Thursday and Saturday Day Rays, they make their important decisions for different reasons. Kim Cattrall has a strongly assertive Mars connection to both Parker and Nixon, which might be the reason why Cattrall and Parker quarreled and why Nixon sided with Parker. It’s all in the Dayology.

Strong Females

They get the job done!

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