She Never Backs Down

Not backing down from a position that we’ve taken can be a good personal quality if our motivation reflects all that is good and true. Refusing to set straight the lies we have circulated indicates a lack of personal cowardice or moral blindness. That is what is taking place in the Republican party today. It is frightening to think that such a large number of governmental figures are currently believing or pretending to believe such a wide range of absurd untruths. It’s as if they suffer the same group hallucination.

Marjorie Taylor Greene has one of the poorest records for telling the truth. After vowing to her constituents that she will never back down from her public positions, we can’t anticipate any great changes in this behavior. Currently serving her first term as a U.S. Representative, she arrived in Washington D.C. as a member of the Republican party and a staunch supporter of Donald Trump. Within 30 days the majority of the House of Representatives voted to remove Green from all her committee assignments. This decision was made in response to the many incendiary and violent statements that she has made since her election into office. The following message to her base illustrates the ease with which she misappropriates the truth:

A Message to the Mob from Congresswoman from Marjorie Taylor Green

Here’s a message to the radical, left-wing Democratic mob and the Fake News media trying to take me out: Since launching your smear campaign attacks on me, nearly 60,000 America First Patriots from all 50 states have reached out with messages of support and poured over $1.6 million in small donations into my campaign account.

Every attack. Every lie. Every smear strengthen my base of support at home and across the county because people know the truth and are fed up with lies. While big PACs and powerful corporations refused to donate to Republicans and cave to the vicious cancel culture mob, the people have my back. The same 75 million people supported President Trump. Voters who will be vital to the Republicans taking back the House in 2022.

Contributions of $.50 or a $100 are significant statement of support, but the heartfelt prayers and encouraging messages telling me to keep standing strong against the mob are what’s most significant to me. For me, it’s people over politicians. It’s people over big money PACS. It’s people over powerful elite corporations and the Silicon Valley Cartel who are trying to cancel all of us.
~ from the Twitter Account of MTG – 1/29/2021

Just for the record here are past Marjorie Taylor Greene actions:

Just days ago The Washington Post reported that the GOP hasn’t a clue as what they can do about Marjorie Taylor Greene. It was only through the support of Ex-President Trump that her name showed up on the ballot and she isn’t likely to lose reelection in 2022. It seems that MTG has discovered the perfectly protected location from which she can toss her grenades. This behavior can’t go on forever, but it could last a lot longer than most of us would like.

5/27 1974
Marjorie Taylor Green

Marjorie Taylor Green was born on a Monday in the zodiac sign of Gemini. This means the the Moon rules her INNER self and her OUTER self is governed by Mercury. Those with the #15 MON GEM Signature readily express their emotions without much thought as to the effect it might have, that is unless they are deliberately attempting to shock a particular group. Ordinarily this combination of energies would simply indicate a quick witted and resourceful individual nature who may conveniently function as a barometer of the times. In the extreme it shows an tendency to be extremely receptive toward information of a dubious or ephemeral nature.

Here is a person with a Gemini Sun Sign acting as a cohort of Donald Trump. So far we have identified a number of high profile Geminis who have thrown their fates over to this ex-president, while he was in office and beyond. Back in the day when Trump occupied the White House, it was observed by Dayology that the president often chose these Mercury types for his personal advisers and disposable flunkies. Three of these Gemini individuals, Mike Pence, Rudy Giuliani and Bill Barr were identified as Trump’s closest henchmen. It appears that individuals of the same Sun Sign can share an extremely strong personal identification. So far we have only caught it occurring with negative behaviors but it probably works for positive bonding as well.

The three of them, Mike Pence, Rudy Giuliani and Bill Barr are Geminis.

Monkey Business in the White House

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