He’s a Square Shooter!

The  Emmy Award winning MSNBC host, Rachel Maddow, is given credit for saying “Watch what they do, not what they say.” That’s her formula for revealing the true intentions of powerful people. It was actually British prime minister, Winston Churchill, who confessed “I no longer listen to what people say, I just watch what they do. Behavior never lies.” It’s the exactly same thought just packaged for different times. Both Maddow and Churchill were forced to deal with deceivers, and both figures have earned our respect as square shooters.

You’ve probably never heard of Philip F. Rubio. He’s an American historian, a history professor and an award winning author. He’s another square shooter. For twenty years he happily worked as a mail carrier until he received a Mellon Fellowship allowing him to pursue his Duke University doctoral degree. He now studies 20th century U.S. civil rights and labor struggles. In Rubio’s most recent paper Unintended Consequences: the U.S. Postal Service Conundrum of Service, Business, Labor, and Politics, he states that most of our problems come from a lack of clarity as to the actual nature of the agency itself, particularly when it was changed in 1970 from the U. S. Post Office to the U.S. Postal Service. The following commentary is candid and relevant.

“The fact that the post office has always been a service, yet for years also functioned as a business even before it became the USPS, goes to the heart of its conundrum today, including the promise (or threat) of privatization by Trump. That conundrum is baked into the very design of the USPS and can only be managed successfully in a similar atmosphere to the one in which it was founded, namely that of bipartisan political agreement.”
“But the USPS was unintentionally created as a conundrum of service and business. While successful for a few decades, it was in fact a ticking time bomb. If anyone did anticipate that someday there would emerge forces using the USPS’s new design to run it into the ground, they failed in warning the public. The USPS’s hybrid format provided a measure of autonomy and freed it from political control. On the other hand, congressional oversight remained, but without the annual congressional subsidies to move the nation’s mail.”
“Now, in the autumn of a tumultuous year, the USPS—for the first time in its 245-year history, has become a partisan political weapon for reelection in the hands of an authoritarian president already committed to that agency’s privatization. Yet a poll taken in late August 2020 found Americans by more than a two to one margin preferring that the Postal Service operate as a service rather than as a business (Ingraham & Guskin, 2020). Ironically and unintentionally, (Postmaster General) DeJoy’s and Trump’s policies have provided a practical demonstration of the perils of postal privatization, partisan manipulation, and insolvency of a basic government service. Whether this society can muster the political will to prevent that kind of tragedy remains to be seen.”

UNDELIVERED: From the Great Post Strike of 1970 to the Manufactured Crisis of the U.S. Postal Service is Philip F. Rubio’s latest book. It takes a hard but honest look at the last fifty years of the post office, including issues of wages, speedup, privatization and automation. Other published works by Rubio are listed in Google Scholar and cover a wide range of important concerns particularly civil rights, labor union activity and unfounded conspiracies.

Philip F. Rubio

Philip F. Rubio was born on Sunday in the zodiac sign of Taurus. This means that the Sun rules his INNER SELF and Venus governs his OUTER SELF. Individuals with the #02 SUN TAU signature are powerful, conservative and practical. They especially appreciate the traditional elements of this world, but are not adverse to change if it brings things back to their purpose. Rubio is clearly suited to academia, but it is through his publicly stated observations that he has earned his professional reputation. He is fulfilling his life plan by revealing the workings of social movements and explaining how we are affected by various forms of legislation.

This is the spot where we ask the big question — What makes a person a square-shooter? The answer is a developing a straightforward nature. These days it is so rare to meet people who are NOT just out for themselves that coming across a truthful person stops us in our tracks. Keep in mind that corrupt agendas continue until they are uncovered. And honesty delivers the knockout punch. Any of the 84 Dayology Signatures can be square-shooters by uncovering the truth of the times and being brave enough to live it. Square-shooters are what we were meant to be.

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