The 2:22 Time Twins

Time Twins are people who are born on the same day and same year. Given that there are hundreds of thousands of babies born per day all over the world, so it isn’t surprising that people meet or fall in love with one of their time twins. And that fact makes us curious as to what it would be like to astrologically share a birthday in this seemingly meaningless world.

2:22 is an intriguing film about a romance between two time twins. It was released in 2017 but is currently available on HBO On Demand. Like most sci-fi flicks the date of creation is irrelevant, because the nature of content is always expected to elude us in some manner or another. This film explores matters regarding astrology, past-life recall, reincarnation and karma.

The film starts off brilliantly as an air controller loses his focus and allows the paths of two planes, one landing and the other taking off, to nearly coincide. At the very last moment, 2:22 p.m. , he changes instructions to the landing plane and saves the day. The young woman he is about to meet is a passenger on this plane and shocked at how close she came to dying.

A few days later the controller and passenger meet accidentally at an Aerial Ballet Performance. They share dinner and meet up at the park the next day. As they get to know each other, they discover how they were related in the flight near miss. They share the intimate fact that each of them faces a tremendous personal challenge. Her hopes of becoming a dancer were dashed by an injury. He has issues about being becoming a pilot, and living up to his father’s image.

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Also at this meeting that they discover they were both born on April 18, 1968, making them time twins. Later they learn that their shared birth date was the exact day when a particular couple was shot in New York City’s Grand Central Station. After putting two and two together they figure out that in their immediate past lives they had lived the lives of the two unfortunate travelers.

Now to be perfectly honest, the traditional sources regarding rebirth do not say that individuals are reborn on the very day of their earthly demise. Usually souls are described as taking time off to absorb the meaning of their immediate past life experiences. Still this does not mean that such an important event could not have happened. And it makes for an exciting story line.

The depiction of the “time twin experience” as it is described by many romantic couples is pretty accurate. Often a “coincidence” is discovered to have brought the two individuals together and they feel a “timeless bond” once they recognize the spiritual potential of their relationship. In several instances these time twins find themselves separated by the dire effects of past.

The rest of this thriller is not so easy to describe because most of the critical clues come through premonitions portrayed through computer graphics. And some displays of violent behavior are provoked by the actions of a past and very possessive boyfriend. Still the film ends with the time twins together. He has become a pilot and she has a baby, and their KARMA is worked out.

Time Twins

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