The Anatomy of a Hate Crime

On Sunday, February 23, 2020 Ahmaud Arbury was jogging the paved streets of the Satilla Shores subdivision just outside of Brunswick, Georgia. He was 25 years old and exceptionally fit having been a football star in high school. He had made some mistakes in his life but he was taking care of business. He worked two jobs and was known for his big easy smile.

Then Travis McMichael, Gregory McMichael, and William Bryan Jr. showed up armed and in vehicles. Arbury was chased on foot and then shot close-up three times. A member of the Glynn Country Police Department (GCPD) responded to the call, but no arrests were made. The three men claimed they were simply making a citizen’s arrest that had gone terribly wrong.

Ahmaud cannot be brought back,
but his attackers can be imprisoned.

The story provided by the three killers was that Arbury had repeatedly visited their neighborhood. They claimed that he was the individual who was regularly burglarizing their homes and cars. It’s true that Arbury had occasionally visited a particular construction site, but the security cameras there showed absolutely no evidence that he had ever damaged or stole anything.

Pressure was brought by the Waycross District Attorney George Barnhill to the (GCPD) against proceeding with arrests. One of the perpetrators was previously employed with the department and had personally handled a minor offense involving Arbury. Then everything broke loose when an incriminating video of the accident was unexpectedly leaked onto social media.

Retracing Ahmaud Arbery’s
Final Moments

The 28-second cellphone footage showing the chase and killing of Arbury was taken by William Bryan. It immediately went viral! Bryan’s attorney claimed the video exonerated his client as a bystander. These indelible images insured that there would be investigations, charges and a trial. On February 7, 2022, the two McMichaels were were sentenced to life imprisonment with no parole and Bryan was given life imprisonment with the possibility of parole after 30 years.

Currently the three defendants are being tried in a federal hate crimes trial. They are charged with violating Arbery’s civil rights and with targeting him because he was Black. His death is now being called a murder, as it should have been all along. The defendants are pleading not guilty, but each has a documented history of racist remarks. Their fates are now in the hands of a fairly well balanced jury of eight white members, three Black people and one Hispanic person.

Ahmaud Arbury

Ahmaud Abury was born on a Sunday in the zodiac sign of Taurus. The Sun is the ruler of his INNER self and Venus governs his OUTER self. Individuals born with the #02 SUN TAU Dayology Signature are basically steady folks due to the strength of the Earth element. This means that they may need some time to realize their own self-worth. They look forward to becoming someone, owning things of worth and accomplishing their dreams.

William Bryan Jr. was born on Tuesday and in the zodiac sign of Leo. Mars is the ruler of his INNER Self and the Sun governs his OUTER Self. People with the #29 TUE LEO Dayology Signature are at their happiest when they are getting attention. Sometimes they can very entertaining, but not when they don’t understand the nature of their limitations.

Travis McMichael was born on Saturday in the zodiac sing of Capricorn. Saturn rules both his INNER and OUTER selves. Those with the #82 SAT CAP Dayology Signature feel the need to be in control and are not above misrepresenting the situation if it gets them where they want to be. They admire authorities of all types and can see easily themselves in commanding situations.

Gregory McMichael was born on Friday in the zodiac sign of Capricorn. Venus rules his INNER Self and Saturn governs his OUTER Self. Those with the #70 FRI CAP admire successful figures and people who exhibit heroic behaviors. In their own lives they may feel that they are prevented from achieving self-fulfillment by hindrances of which they have no personal control.

Travis McMichael

Gregory McMichael

William Bryan Jr.

There are two distinctive patterns in this grouping. Travis and Gregory McMichael both have Capricorn as their Sun Signs. They are father and son. Often it is expected that children who share their parent’s Sun Sign will follow in their footsteps. It is easy for this pair to relate along the issues of law and order. They see life in the same cool and restrictive manner. Now they will learn the hard lessons of taking responsibility of their thoughts, emotions and actions.

The other pattern is not so easy to see, but never-the-less it is there. Ahmaud Arbury was born on Sunday and “Roddy” Bryan Jr. has a Leo Sun Sign. The Sun, as both the ruler of this day of the week and zodiac sign, increases matters of self-concern. Arbury did his best to defend himself. The motivation of “Roddy” was that of being a “top dog” without actually “doing the deed.”

The Shadow Effect

An Interplay of Light and Dark

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