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#SayHerName is a social movement that seeks to raise awareness for Black female victims of police brutality and anti-Black violence in the United States. Precious Fondren explains how the protests for Breonna Taylor’s death was equally horrific as the killing of George Floyd but these demonstrations did not have the power as those for George Floyd. She is not the first to notice the relative lack of attention to deaths of women at the hands of law enforcement officers. Back in 2014 this situation was observed by the African American Policy Forum and the Center for Intersectionality and Social Policy Studies. They originated the #SayHerName hashtag to show that the respecting the deaths of female victims is as important as those of males.

The Wikipedia #SayHerName entry lists 40+ black females who were killed by law enforcement officers. These females are so overlooked that most don’t even have their own memorial page with their birth dates. However their dates of demise are clearly a matter of record. So what can be learned by researching the dates upon which these women were killed?

Birth data of black females killed by law enforcement

3/13/2020 – Breonna Taylor
10/12/2019 –Atatiana Jefferson
6/18/2017 – Charleena Chavon Lyles
8/1/2016 – Korryn Gaines
9/5/2015 – India Kager
7/13/2015 – Sandra Bland 
4/30/2015 – Alexia Christian
3/30/2015 – Mya Hall
3/28/2015 – Meagan Hockaday 
3/18/2015 – Janisha Fonville
2/8/2015 – Natasha McKenna
2/16/2014 – Yvette Smith
3/2/2014 – Gabriella Nevarez
11/13/2014 – Tanisha Anderson
11/9/2014 – Aura Rosser
11/1/2014 – Sheneque Proctor
8/13/2014 – Michelle Cusseaux
5/7/2014 – Pearlie Golden
3/2/2014 – Gabriella Nevarez
2/16/2014 – Yvette Smith
11/3/2013 – Renisha McBride
10/3/2013 – Miriam Carey 
7/24/2013 – Kyam Livingston
2/12/2013 – Kayla Moore
12/6/2012 – Shelly Frey
11/29/2012 – Malissa Williams 
8/9/2012 – Shulena Weldon
7/22/2012 – Alesia Thomas
6/14/2012 – Shantel Davis
4/21/2012 – Sharmel Edwards
3/21/2012 – Rekia Boyd
3/15/2012 – Shereese Francis
5/16/2010 – Aiyana Stanley-Jones 
1/4/2008 – Tarika Wilson
11/21/2006 – Kathryn Johnston 
5/16/2003 – Alberta Spruill
5/5/2003 – Kendra James
6/4/1999 – LaTanya Haggerty
5/21/1999 – Margaret L. Mitchell
12/28/1998 – Tyisha Miller 
6/8/1997 – Danette Daniels
3/22/1997 – Frankie Ann Perkins
12/16/1993 – Sonji Taylor
11/29/1984 – Eleanor Bumpurs
What would be learned from figuring out the Dayology Signatures of these birth dates? First of all, it is a very small sample, which is limiting in itself, but it does show that THESE black women were killed on every day of the week, with slightly more deaths occurring on Sunday or Thursday. These two particular days, ruled by the Sun and Jupiter, focus on issues regarding status, regard and worth, which when wrongly used form the basis of bias, prejudice and racism. It is our conclusion is that everyone, and especially law enforcement, should examine their attitudes regarding these particular social issues. And we all could be more respectful of one another on every day of the week.

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