Everything about the 7 Day Week


Wednesday is the fourth day of the week. It follows Tuesday and precedes Thursday. It is often called Hump Day because it is exactly in the middle of the work week. The Romans named this day after the innermost  planet Mercury.

Wednesday Activities

On Wednesdays we have reached the middle of the work seek. It is time to evaluate our progress and make the necessary adjustments that will push us toward our goals. In some cases this assessment requires analysis, but in most instances, a simple observation will do the trick. Mercury is the divine messenger all forms of communication rule the day. Our major problem on Wednesday is that we may be untruthful about the condition of a situation. We might cover up something that isn’t quite right or remain silent about specific issues that need resolution. It would be of great benefit to frequently remind ourselves that our personal character is shaped by our daily thought, speech and action.   More.

Wednesday Two-minute Task

These actions exercise our minds and makes us more alert. Make a list of twenty things you need to do today. Count backwards from 100 to 1. Look up the multiple meanings of one word. Using your voice repeat one sentence with as many intonations as you can. Recite a poem or the lyrics of a song from memory. Add and delete some names in your email address book. Make a deliberately quick phone call. Inquire about the health of a person or the status of an ongoing project. Deposit an envelope in the outgoing mail. Dust your file cabinets.  More.

Angel of the Day

Archangel Raphael rules Wednesday. He works as a healer, but also attends pilgrimages. He oversee all matters of learning and communication. Raphael gives skill in crafts, business and merchandising. He smiles down on musicians and makers of musical instruments.  More.


Those who are born on Wednesday operate at the speed of light and sound. They are highly aware of their surroundings when they are not lost in their own thought processes. Mercury types are quick to pick up on current trends and learn languages easily. Oddly they may not recall the word they have spoken moments previously. Their utter devotion to self-improvement makes them excellent instructors and communicators of technical information. Mercury types are highly impressionable and make wonderful mimics. They are not beyond misrepresenting the situation if it suits their purposes. Mercury individual with a sense of compassion may choose to serve their fellow beings in the fields of medicine or public health.  More.

Wednesday Individuals

#37 WED ARI  Joanna Gaines
#38 WED TAU  Stephen Colbert
#38 WED TAU  Jill Wine-Banks
#38 WED TAU Johnny Galecki
#39 WED GEM  Amy Klobuchar
#40 WED CAN  Elizabeth Warren
#40 WED CAN  Meryl Streep
#41 WED LEO  Steve Kornack
#41 WED LEO  Rick Genest 
#41 WED LEO  Jack Haley
#42 WED VIR Melissa McCarthy
#42 WED VIR Lisa Bloom
#44 WED SCO  Goldie Hawn 
#44 WED SCO  Andrea Mitchell
#44 WED SCO  Valerie Jarrett 
#45 WED SAG  Jamie Foxx  
#46 WED CAP  Lin-Manuel Miranda 
#48 MER PIS  Ben Cohen
#48 MER PIS  Harvey Weinstein


Rest and Recharge

Reinforce your WEDNESDAY nature in the following locations: a college library, book store, crafts fair, flea market, discount warehouse, mystery party, magic shop, farmer’s market, computer class, job fair, travel agency, bus tour, poetry workshop, amusement park and game room arcade.  More.


Wednesday Gemstones

Vedic astrology chooses the Emerald to stabilize the activity of the mind. The use of Emeralds brings relief from frazzled nerves and low physical energy. Western astrologers recommend several greenish stones for Wednesday, including Peridot, Green Aventurine, Chrysocolla, Howlite, and Agate. More.


Wednesday Fragrances

These natural substances intensify the effects of Mercury in creativity, prayer, meditation and spellcrafting: Chamomile, Cherry, Eucalyptus, Fern, Forget me Not, Jasmine, Lavender, Lemon, Lemongrass, Periwinkle, Peppermint, Sweet Pea and Verbena.  More.