Alternative Facts

It was one of those moments, if you care about the truth, you can never forget. This morning fast talking presidential adviser, Kellyanne Conway, met her match. Chuck Todd, host of NBC’s Meet the Press, challenged her regarding the falsehoods being made by the Trump administration.

Conway and Todd were discussing recent claims of Press Secretary, Sean Spicer. He stated the obvious fact that the crowds of Trump’s inauguration on Friday were larger than the masses attending the Saturday’s Women’s March on Washington.  Aerial photographs over the capitol at 12 noon from both days proved that Spicer was dead wrong.  Conway defended Spicer’s performance despite Todd’s legitimate assertions. On the spot she came up with the term, alternative facts. If Conway didn’t actually invent this new expression at that moment. and it happens to be a term she commonly uses, it may indeed reflect the general practice of this new administration to bend the truth to fit their alternative reality.

Todd’s reply to Conway was “There is no such thing as alternative facts.  Alternative facts are falsehoods.” As a member of the press, it is his duty to speak the truth and call out falsehoods. He is right. Facts are facts. Opinions are opinions. Spin is spin.

The Dayology Analysis

Chuck Todd
Kellyanne Conway

Dayology shows us that this was a confrontation between two Saturn ruled individuals. Todd was born on Saturday so his INNER ruler is Saturn. Conway’s OUTER ruler is Saturn because she was born in Capricorn. When the same planet acts as an INNER ruler for one person and the OUTER ruler for another, the OUTER ruled individual is meant to acknowledge the guidance offered by the OUTER ruled person. In this case OUTER ruled person (Conway) is spiritually shut-down, so the INNER ruled individual (Todd) took control of the situation. The OUTER ruled person (Conway) purposely assumed the victim role so as not to lose face.

Chuck Todd’s signature shows that he was born to be a heavy-weight in some regard.  The #73 Saturday Aries energies are both stern and aggressive. Internally he is like a man of steel, so when he acts assertively, he could be like a hot poker in your eye.  The rulers of his INNER and OUTER selves are placed in Gemini, showing that his life purpose is managing information.     I’ve noticed that Todd often holds himself back from confrontations. You could see it on this televised encounter with Conway.  He can’t afford to be seen as a bully to the world.

Kellyanne Conway is in a real predicament. Her Friday Capricorn signature makes her an OUTWARDLY determined, but INWARDLY her Venus expresses itself  inconsistently. In fact the placements of her INNER and OUTER rulers in Aquarius and Pisces show us that she needs to be more involved in creative innovation and social service.  Up to now she has been helpful in humanizing Donald Trump, but now she has to defend his wildly erratic actions.  She knows the lingo and can spin anything, but she cannot remain healthy and be whole in this position.