The Art of Parody

What part did Melissa McCarthy’s SNL depiction of Sean Spicer play in his resignation?

Sean Spicer has resigned from his position as White House press secretary. Originally Spicer appeared to be a good choice, but unfortunately he was  forced to misrepresent the truth as a spokesperson for the president. It started with exaggerating the numbers of participants attending Trump’s inauguration and went on to receive endless “Pinocchios” by an outraged press corp.  Spicer, finding himself in a tough spot, responded aggressively.  It was this  behavior that comedian, Melissa McCarthy ridiculed in her infamous Saturday Night Live skits.

Everyone turns on SNL for a good laugh. Lots of famous people have been the butt of their jokes, but the Sean Spicer parodies were recognized for their uncanny accuracy.  The definition of parody is the effort to imitate or comment on something. It is not always satirical, in fact it can be appreciative.  Overtime this parody evolved the Spicer character into a desperate  political creature. Consequently the true Sean Spicer became a liability to the White House. It may not have been the intent of SNL to move Spicer out of the picture, but it was the outcome.

The Dayology Analysis

Sean Spicer

Melissa McCarthy

Let’s look at the relationship between Spicer and McCarthy. These individuals operate in two different worlds. Spicer was born on a Thursday and finds politics to be a perfect outlet for his patriotic sentiments.  Generally people with this Day Ray hold an unusually high regard of their potential and he may have risen as high as he could go. On the other hand, McCarthy was born on Wednesday and she functions as an observer and communicator. People with this Day Ray like to be viewed as smart and informed. They may resort to comedy, mimicry or trickery when it appears to be an effective option.  They can be devilishly funny, even when serious.

Spicer and McCarthy are both Virgos, a Sun Sign known for its compulsions. Here we see the old saying “It takes one to know one” working out. McCarthy and Spicer were born one year apart and astrologically, their Sun Signs are closely conjunct.  This connection allowed McCarthy to tune into Spicer’s deepest frustrations. While Spicer may not have welcomed McCarthy’s insights, he may feel fortunate to be no longer in the White House later on.